Pokemon Crystal Calm

Pokemon Crystal Calm

Download Patched Pokemon Crystal Calm Version GBC Rom

  • Creator: CH666
  • Version: Final
  • Hack of: Crystal
  • Updated: Sept 11, 2016

Pokemon Crystal Calm is a hack of Pokemon Crystal Version with GREATLY improved gameplay as compared to the original. 

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  • Completable Pokedex
  • More Difficulty
  • Redesign of Cities and Towns(except Lavender Town in order to not Disturb the Dead)
  • Regular Trainers have 3 or Less than 3 pokemon which are stronger and more evolved except Jugglers and a few Pokefans
  • Starters are Cubone, Vulpix and Lapras each holding Thick Club, Fire Stone, or Lucky egg respectively
  • No trade evos
  • Better distribution of Pokemon

Extra Info

Route 29-Morning- Bulbasaur,chikorita,pikachu,tyrogue. Day- Charmander,Cyndaquil,Clefairy,Chansey. Night- Squirtle,Totodile,Eevee,Ditto. Route 30-(other than few regular pokemon)Spearow(Day),Ponyta(night).

Slowpoke well(2)-(other than a few regular pokemon) Omanyte, Kabuto.

Ilex Forest-(other than a few regular pokemon) Yanma and Hoppip(Day), Larvitar and Dratini(night).

Route 34-(other than a few regular pokemon) Mankey(Morning), Mareep(Day), Vulpix(night).

Route 37-(other than a few regular pokemon) Girafrig(Morning).

Electabuzz,Forretres,Exeggcute(Day). Misdrevious,Murkrow,Houndour,Skarmory(night)

Ecruiteak city(waters)-(other than a few regular pokemon) Remoraid. Burned Tower-(other than a few regular pokemon) Magmar.

Ruins of Alph(outer)-(other than a few regular pokemon) Aerodactyl.

Silver Cave-(other than a few regular pokemon) Tyranitar.


In-Game Trades: Artiuno-Lapras(violet city) Zapdos-Raichu(Goldenrod City) Moltres-Arcanine(Olivine city) Mewtwo-Ditto(Blackthorn city) Mew-Mr.Mime(Pewter city) Hitmontop-Cloyster(Route 14) Celebi-Slowking(Power Plant)


Kadabra, Haunter, Machoke, Graveller, Scyther, Onix evolve at level 25. Slowbro to Slowking with Sunstone. Poliwhirl to Politoed level 30. Seadra at level 40. Porygon to porygon2 at level 30.


Few hints:

  1. Choose Lapras as a starter for an easier game (Advantage on Rival and useful Held item).
  2. Train a Ditto as soon as possible to trade it for Mewtwo in Blackthorn.
  3. A wild Larvitar may hold a useful Item.