If you’re looking for Pokemon White 2 Kaizo Pokedex, we’ve got you! Learnsets are all vanilla (except for stone evos which have their pre-evolution’s moves).

If you’re looking for Pokemon White 2 Kaizo Documentation, we’ve got you covered! Pokedex, Move Changes, Mart Items, Level Caps, Etc.

Read Pokemon ROWE Changelog. v1.8.2 - Added Four Island and Icefall Cave to the game, Reworked the whole signature move system now you can see a lot of info for

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Crown GBA ROM Hack. It is an entirely new gameplay experience. While it is still an exploration-focused RPG, there many various...

If you’re looking for Pocket Monsters Scale x Fang Changelog, we’ve got you covered! v1.0.2 (2023.01.01) - Mystroll, Gigantroll moveset changes, Fixed Mama Judy