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Pokemon R.O.W.E is an attempt to create an open-world Pokemon Emerald with QoL changes and a high replay value, with diverse team building as the primary goal. If you’re looking for Pokemon ROWE Documentation (Wild Pokemon Locations, Item Locations, Important NPCs/Gift Pokemon/Item Locations, Mega Stone Locations, Pokemon Stats/Abilities/Move Changes, and much more), we’ve got you covered!

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Pokemon ROWE Changelog


  • Added Four Island and Icefall Cave to the game
  • Reworked the whole signature move system, now you can see a lot of information for signature moves, in the summary screen signature moves will have a blue font and will show the correct power of the move after the modification, it will also show the correct type and some of them even have custom descriptions.
  • Signature moves power, accuracy, type, and type effectiveness will show in battle.
  • Hidden power type effectiveness in battle will be correctly calculated to show the Pokémon hidden power type.
  • Move Types for Pokémon with certain abilities will be shown correctly in the summary screen(abilities like pixielite, liquid voice, etc.), and their type effectiveness will also be calculated correctly in battle.
  • Moved some Alolan/Galarian forms to Sevii
  • Gave a Signature Move to Meganium – Petal Blizzard, it has a 100% chance to lower the enemy attack.
  • Gave a Signature Move to Typhlosion – Eruption, it does minimal damage of 60 no matter how low you are on HP.
  • Typlosion’s hidden ability was changed from Adaptability to White Smoke.
  • Gave a Signature Move to Feraligatr – Jaw Lock, it has a 30% chance to confuse and becomes a Water-type move.
  • Gave a Signature Move to Furret – Coil, now it raises its speed by 1 stage + its normal boost.
  • Fixed Furret getting Adaptability in Vanilla mode instead of in Normal Mode.
  • Ampharos family got illuminate as a secondary ability(Mareep has fluffy instead for those who want to use exiolite).
  • Run away now boost speed by 1 stage when sent out.
  • Delibird’s hidden ability was changed from Insomnia to Unburden.
  • Gave Cranidos and Rampardos a signature move: Headbutt, when used by any of those two its damage goes from 70 to 50 but becomes a rock-type priority move.
  • Gave Cranidos and Rampardos Rock head as a secondary ability.
  • Petal Blizzard is now a Special move that hits both enemy pokemon instead of being a Physical move that also hits your ally.
  • Karate chop now has the same effect as brick break.
  • Vice Grip now has a 50% chance to lower the target speed and becomes a water-type move with 60 power.
  • Mega Punch got its accuracy increased from 80 to 100.
  • Mega Kick got its accuracy increased from 75 to 85.
  • Some minor stat changes were made.
  • Mystery gift was changed for an Ash Greninja Re-run
  • Pokemon with Coil Up will now regain the Coiled status after using the move Coil or Glare.
  • Other misc changes and fixes that I forgot about.


  • Fixed New Game+ not giving you some Key Items at the start and gave them to every existing new game + save
  • Added some event-only moves to some Pokémon
  • Modified some move sets
  • Fixed Ditto and Quick Powder not working upon transforming
  • Honey gather will now work similarly to Gooey plus its existing effect
  • Modified the wild encounters a little
  • Modified Sword Master ability to match its official counterpart Sharpness(20% boost to 50% boost)
  • Modified Cacophony to boost moves by 50% instead of 20%
  • Some little fixes and modifications


  • Added the Followers up to Seismitoad and fixed Wailord follower sprite
  • Modified the Battle UI to be able to see more information like if the move is Physical or Special, Move Power, Move Accuracy, Move effectiveness and now it shows the Type Icons instead of text (For some of this information you need to press the L Button on the Move Selection Page)
  • You can now see the Exp. on the Summary Screen
  • Some wild encounter modifications(Mainly in the safari zone)
  • Fixed New Game+ not giving you some Key Items at the start and gave them to every existing new game + save
  • Created some new signature moves for Delibird, Lucario, Galvantula, and Slaking/Slakoth
  • Present is now a Normal Type version of Pollen Puff
  • Some fixes and changes


  • Fixed New Game+ not letting you keep your items
  • Fixed Jagged Pass not working with the Dexnav
  • Some little balance changes
  • Removed Level Scaling from new game+ (It will become a separate mode in the future exclusive for new game+ runs)
  • Fixed the Pokedex showing some glitched footprints for gen 6+ mons
  • Fixed the level cap not working on hard mode in new game+
  • Fixed tailwind only summoning tailwind for 3 turns and now summons it for 5 turns
  • Added exiolite stats for Primeape, Girafarig, Dunsparce and Bisharp, they can also be used with Eviolite now(This is the closest thing that you will ever get to gen 9 mons in this game)
  • Removed Gorilla Tactics from Primeape and gave it Possessed as hidden ability(it probably will get a custom ability in the future) and gave it shadow punch
  • Added a new Mystery Gift
  • Other little changes and fixes


  • Added New Game+, this mode lets you keep all your Pokemon(they become level 1), Items, Money and Achievements while starting a new save file. It gives you some bonus items to be able to create a team from scratch easily at the start of the game. When you start a new game plus save all the trainers start to scale to your level, you get boosted experience and it becomes a little more difficult each time you start a new game plus save.
  • This mode can be unlocked by beating the Pokémon League, the games tells you the number of new game plus save you have started on that save file.
  • This mode can not be unlocked if you play on Randomized Party Mode or No Evolution Mode and those modes can’t be enabled while in a new game plus save.
  • Fixed the Experience Overflow when you defeated a level 75+ Blissey with 5 Pokémon with lucky boost on your party while holding a Lucky Egg.
  • Some more new Balance changes to some Hoenn Pokémon
  • Added some new abilities for Chimecho, Jirachi, and Clefairy family
  • Added followers up to Zebstrika and fixed some Followers gen 5 followers floating or looking strange.
  • Fixed Route 113 not working with the Dexnav
  • Fixed the Pokédex not showing the correct hidden ability for certain mons
  • Added some Gen 8 Moves to the game and fixed some effects
  • Clangorous Soul
  • No Retreat
  • Clanging Scales
  • Eerie Spell
  • Jaw Lock(Fixed its effect)
  • Life Dew(Fixed its effect)
  • Jungle Healing(No available Pokémon can learn this)
  • Scale Shot
  • All the Abilities now have their full names.
  • Fixed the Scanner Quest not giving you the achievement.
  • Other misc changes and fixes that I forgot about.


  • Removed all the Cries in the game to make space for more things(With the exception of the Weather Trio).
  • Added an option to use a generic cry for all the Pokémon or to just mute them.
  • Added all the Followers starting with Bulbasaur up to Liepard.
  • Legendary Encounters should be a little more difficult and pose a little more challenge than before(I made it easier from certain gif I uploaded before).
  • Added Munchlax/Snorlax, Bonsly/Sudowoodo and Rotom as Daily static encounters (Removed them as Wild Encounters).
  • Added the Captain Stern Event back to the game.
  • Added a new Achievement.
  • Added the Exp Charm and the Catching Charm to the game.
  • Added Zapdos, Jirachi, and Diancie(along with its Mega Stone) to the game.
  • Removed the second Oval Charm available as a gym reward.
  • Added a new Ability called Slimy, it’s similar to fluffy but it’s weak to Water-type moves instead.
  • Made multiple changes to the follower’s code.
  • Now Helioptile Family holds the Yellow Shards.
  • Changed the Legendary Pokémon movesets.
  • Some Legendaries now are available after you beat the league instead of having to catch Rayquaza to access them.
  • Now the Bike Mode should be available in options instead of having to press L twice to get the Acro Bike
  • Spiky Eared Pichu is now the new Mystery Gift, it’s available at any moment.
  • Revamped the Weather Institute and its NPC Dialogues.
  • Reworked Randomized Mode to make it more random.
  • Audino, Heliptile Family, Carvanha Family, Numel Family, Sunkern Family, Skitty Family, Meowth Family, Relicanth, and Wailmer Family will now not be Randomized in that mode for easier grinding and for the Regi Puzzles.
  • You can now see your random seed used in your save in the same area where you see the game version making it easier for devs to check your save for any bug.
  • Decapped the text in the Gyms.
  • Added a Warp in Tate & Liza gym that takes you to the Leaders after you defeat them.
  • Fixed Most Soft resets.
  • Now Damp reduces the damage from Fire Moves.
  • A lot of little changes and fixes to some scripts.
  • A lot of other things I probably forgot about.


  • Now you can see the exact damage you did with each move in battle, this triggers a message telling you how many damage your pokemon or your foe did with each move, this can be disabled in the options(Thanks Jas)
  • Fixed Trading in MyBoy! (Thanks Erd)
  • Fixed some text in the game(Thanks Maria)
  • Dexnav will now use the Chain Level to generate hidden natures, held items and give the pokemon level boost since the Search level was removed
  • Added a new Ability: Possessed, this ability gives the user the ghost type as a third type like when trick-or-treat is used against it
  • Gave Possessed to Paras Family
  • Gave a Signature move to Parasect
  • Added a new Ability: Coiled Up, this ability makes the pokemon attack first if it used a biting move(only 1 time)
  • Gave Coiled up to Seviper
  • Arbok is now a Poison/Dark Type Pokemon
  • Neutralizing Gas now works but with a catch, rather than working like in official games now it gives gastro acid effect to every pokemon on the field so some abilities will still work like those that activate when sent out, but the effect will still be active when the pokemon leaves the field unlike swsh
  • Parental Bond now works but also has a catch, it hits the foe a second time and does the same damage as in the official games, but the second hit does not have a secondary effect, it does not get affected by iron barbs and just does plain damage(it also bypasses substitutes)
  • Reworked Rooted, Illuminate, Color Change, Magnetic Body, and Battery so they don’t bug out in doubles
  • Color change now gives the pokemon the type of the opponent rather than changing it, for example before this update if keckleon was sent out at the same time the foe was a gengar it became pure ghost type but after this keckleon becomes normal/ghost so it can use its STAB moves without worrying about the oponent while having lick(its signature move) as a second STAB no matter the second type
  • Gave a Signature move to Zangoose and changed its movesets a little
  • Added a new mystery gift (Thanks Bee!)


  • Added Kanto Region Map to the game, this includes the first 3 Islands and can be used to fly around them(You can’t access Kanto yet of course)
  • Added Diancie Mystery Gift, you need to beat or catch Rayquaza to get it and comes with a Diancite
  • Added Diancie as a Follower Pokémon
  • Fixed Mew Move tutor by removing some of its moves that were probably not important
  • Fixed the game resetting in a Fortee Shop
  • Fixed some other things


  • Added a new Mode: Gym Shuffle Mode, this mode shuffles the Gym Locations from one Gym to another, for example, Juan Gym may be changed to Petalburg or Roxanne’s Gym to Mauville City, this mode has 64 different Gym Combinations adding a little more replay value for those who got bored of the same order every time
  • Modified Oldale Town and Mauville City Layouts
  • Added a new area next to Oldale Town, Oldale Ruins(Anime Exclusive location) to make visiting Oldale more worthwhile
  • Changed all the Pokémon Center and Pokemart Tiles to look more FRLG Style
  • Changed Heliolisk Front Sprite
  • Changed Flower Tiles for both normal Flowers and Flowers in Route 117
  • Fixed Heliolisk Shiny Palette
  • Fixes Flower Gift not activating drought when Holding a Heat Stone with Sunflora
  • Some other misc changes and bugfixes

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