Pokemon Crystal Ultimate Changelog

Pokemon Crystal Ultimate Changelog
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Pokemon Crystal Ultimate Changelog

Version – March 9, 2024


  • Fixed bug where those who start with Cyndaquil can’t fight the new Bug Catcher Adam in Ilex Forest
  • Fixed odd egg bug where they can de-level from level 10 and have incorrect stats
  • Removed glitchy shiny toggle feature
  • Fixed VR boulder glitch (finally) and Karate King sprite glitch (I think lol)
  • Fixed buggy Route 12 Fisher
  • Fixed buggy menu when buying coins (you can now see your coin total)
  • Fixed bug where Tom can walk on pillars on Route 8
  • Fixed bug where Cloyster Hoister man doesn’t teleport after paying him (fixed Fuchsia and Route 14 new berry tree constants)
  • Fixed the bug with Sage Masa’s team
  • Fixed mistake with Dojo quest and added a tip sign to the dojo


  • AI improvements (e.g. AI now properly evaluates the power of move effects like multi/triple-hit, Thief will now be used so watch out)
  • Better wild encounter availability, many revisions to trainer parties
  • Daycare man now stands outside the pen/fence when he has an egg for you (excluding odd egg)
  • Removed grass from in front of daycare, making it easier to go up and down through Goldenrod to hatch eggs
  • Restored Battle Tower; BT now features only 2 level tiers: 50 and 100 (available only after Hall of Fame). Ubers can
  • be used for tier 100 and opponents at that level will also have access to them. New BT battle music and BT Pokemon have been revised and rebalanced
  • Can Fly from all outdoor areas (including Goldenrod Dept Store Roof and Celadon Mansion Roof) and can now Fly to Battle Tower
  • New music for Trainer House battles (same as BT), E4 Level cap is 70 instead of 75
  • Friendship changes: Friend Ball sets starting happiness at 150 instead of 200; friendship evolution occurs at friendship 200+
  • Many learnset improvements (see in documentation), a few base stat (Hitmons notably) and move changes (e.g. Fly buffed to 80 pow, Triple Kick buffed to 28-168 pow)
  • Pre-Bugsy grind was reduced by adding Ledian to Ilex encounters (morn/day) and increasing base exp yields for Pokemon encountered in Ilex;
  • Slowpoke Well now has Geodude and more Slowpoke encounters, and wild levels have been increased for this part of the game
  • Also, increased base exp yields for many buffed Pokemon, particularly those that don’t evolve (e.g. Gligar gives more exp because its stats are now closer to Gliscor’s)
  • PokeCenter healing dialogue is much shorter, Lure Ball is now x4 catch rate, Houndour now evolves at level 42
  • Surfing Pikachu is now always red, regardless of player gender; “ATK” in the Move menu (from the party menu) is now “POW” for power
  • Mystery Gift is now obtained automatically after defeating the E4 (to later unlock a new title screen)


  • New HP and EXP bars by Idain + red caught poke ball and gender symbols with help from KDL Pro
  • New overworld and in-battle ball sprites and capture animation (in-battle sprites from Polished and modified by Idain, animation, and other HUD improvements by me)
  • Improvements to some icons and sprites, notably Rocket sprites and trainer card graphics
  • Overworld grass color is now a nicer green rather than lime


  • New endgame Youngster Joey rematch and Miracle Seed can no longer be missed
  • Added temporary battle (will not exist in the same format in future updates) against an old foe, hinting at the future of the hack
  • Added a new side quest to Route 16 that unlocks cross-region Fly
    Added a new main story quest to Fuchsia


  • Two new maps for the new Fuchsia quest (Safari Zone Office repurposed);
  • Fuchsia got many other changes, including Pokemon in the pens like three years ago – Roof palettes have been changed to better reflect each city’s color/theme
  • Viridian, Vermilion, Celadon, Saffron, Lavender, and Blackthorn maps have new buildings (empty pending future updates)
  • Olivine move reminder house swapped with Fishing Guru’s


  • TM Endure replaced with Sludge Bomb and the latter with Giga Drain (Erika now gives nothing)
  • TMs Endure, Sweet Scent and Defense Curl are now obtainable at the Goldenrod Game Corner
  • The Sweet Scent girl now gives the Lucky Egg instead, as Sweet Scent is purchased at the Goldenrod Game Corner
  • Thunder, Blizzard and Fire Blast are only obtained in Kanto (see doc for details)
  • TM Rollout is now obtained on Route 46 (post-Rock Smash) and TM Sleep Talk was moved to Route 4
  • TM Psych Up now has the Calm Mind effect and is obtained by defeating Sabrina
  • Replaced TM Roar with TM Teleport (no longer need Cut to reach it); can be learned by all gen 1 Pokemon that originally could, all gen 2 psychic-types (other than Unown) including Wobbuffet, and Ninetales, Persian, three beasts, Stantler, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Venonat, Hoothoot, Noctowl, Togetic, Delibird, Porygon2, Blissey, and Ho-Oh

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