Pokemon Azure Platinum Documentation

Pokemon Azure Platinum Documentation
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If you’re looking for all Pokemon Azure Platinum Documentation, we’ve got you covered!

Pokemon Azure Platinum makes you rediscover the Sinnoh Region while incorporating elements of the anime series and by making the game harder to give a bigger challenge to the player. So reading the documentation can help you in your journey.

Pokemon Azure Platinum Documentation

Pokemon Changes

Wild Pokemon Encounters

TM & HM Locations

Item Locations 

Special Encounters

Trainers Data 

Move Changes

Difficulty Options

Pokemon Azure Platinum introduces two additional difficulty options.

You can access them by using the Porta-PC after unlocking the “Difficulty” setting. (These options can be turned on and off at any time.)

Level Caps:

  • Your Pokémon’s level will not be able to exceed the next boss’s highest level. (see Trainers.txt)
  • If your Pokémon is at the level cap, you won’t be allowed to use Rare Candies on it anymore.
  • It will also not gain any EXP in battle anymore.
  • Until the level cap is 100, you won’t be able to access the Daycare.

Nuzlocke Mode:

  • Your K.Oed Pokémon don’t get healed anymore (Pokécenter or NPC healing).
  • You are not able to use reviving items anymore (Revive, Max Revive, Herbs, Rare Candy, …).
  • You do not have access to the Daycare.
  • If the player loses the battle, the entire party gets healed and Nuzlocke Mode is turned off.
  • ! Your Pokémon still get revived if you put them in the PC so act according to your own rules!

QoL Changes

Numerous changes have been made to fluidify the gameplay and diminish grinding.


  • The game now has an uncapped framerate
  • Healthbars now scroll way faster during battle
  • HM Animations have been made shorter
  • The need for HM usage has been reduced

Grinding Reduction

  • The player possesses a Porta-PC that offers multiple functionalities such as:
    • A PC that you can access anywhere you go
    • A Healing Kit that can fully heal your team at any time
    • Access to useful NPCs (Move Reminder, Move Deleter,…) wherever you are
  • You can now buy Rare Candies for 1 PokeDollar at every Pokemart.
  • The price of many items has been reduced
  • Pokemon do not gain EVs
  • HMs are forgettable and TMs are unlimited-use
  • When a repel expires, a message is shown asking if you want to use another one
  • The catch rate of wild Pokemon has been drastically improved
  • Trade Evolutions have been changed and do not require another player


  • New overworld sprites have been added for trainer classes that didn’t have one beforehand

If you have any questions regarding the game you can ask about them in Pokemon Azure Platinum’s Official Discord Server!