Pokemon Azure Platinum TM & HM Locations

Pokemon Azure Platinum TM & HM Locations
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If you’re looking for all the HM Changes and TM Locations in Pokemon Azure Platinum, we’ve got you covered!

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Pokemon Azure Platinum TMs & HMs


  • Some TMs have been replaced by moves from future generations.
  • The most powerful TMs are only obtainable after beating the Pokemon League.
  • The TMs containing Sunny Day, Hail, Sandstorm, and Rain Dance are unobtainable.

TM & HM Changes

01: Focus Punch -> Horsepower
03: Water Pulse -> Liquidation
21: Frustration -> Solar Blade
28: Dig -> Drill Run
32: Double Team -> Sludge Wave
41: Torment -> Volt Switch
43: Secret Power-> Infestation
45: Attract -> Weather Ball
46: Thief -> Hurricane
47: Steel Wing -> Smart Strike
48: Skill Swap -> Scald
49: Snatch -> Wild Charge
55: Brine -> DualWingbeat
56: Fling -> Razor Shell
57: Charge Beam -> Electroweb
58: Endure -> Icicle Crash
63: Embargo -> Scorch Sands
67: Recycle -> BreakinSwipe
70: Flash -> PsychicFangs
77: Psych Up -> PowerUpPunch
78: Captivate -> Flip Turn
83: Natural Gift-> Bulldoze
85: Dream Eater -> MysticalFire

TM & HM Locations


TM No.MoveLocation
01HorsepowerOreburgh Gate
02Dragon ClawMt. Coronet
03LiquidationPastoria City (beat Crasher Wake)
04Calm MindStark Mountain
05RoarStark Mountain
06ToxicBattle Frontier (beat Argenta)
08Bulk UpBattle Frontier (beat Palmer)
09Bullet SeedRavaged Path
10Hidden PowerTrainers’ School (beat 2 trainers)
11Sunny Day/
12TauntSurvival Area
13Ice BeamVeilstone Department Store
14BlizzardLake Acuity
15Hyper BeamLily of the Valley (buyable)
16Light ScreenZone de Combat (buyable)
17ProtectZone de Combat (buyable)
18Rain Dance/
19Giga DrainRoute 209
20SafeguardBattle Frontier (buyable)
21Solar BladeValor Lakefront
22Solar BeamRoute 213
23Iron TailRoute 212
24ThunderboltVeilstone City (buyable)
25ThunderLake Valor
26EarthquakeVictory Road
27ReturnSandgem Town
28Drill RunWayward Cave
29PsychicRoute 222
30Shadow BallMt. Coronet
31Brick BreakRoute 215
32Sludge WaveGalactic HQ
33ReflectBattle Frontier (buyable)
34ShockwaveRoute 215
35FlamethrowerVeilstone City (buyable)
36Sludge BombRoute 218
38Fire BlastLake Verity
39Rock TombOreburgh City (beat Roark)
40Aerial AceEterna City Galactic Building
41Volt SwitchMt. Victory
42FacadeVeilstone Department Store
43InfestationLost Tower
44RestResort Area
45Weather BallRoute 212
46HurricaneRoute 211
47Smart StrikeRoute 207
48ScaldRoute 223
49Wild ChargeSunyshore City (beat Volkner)
50OverheatFuego Ironworks
51RoostRoute 226
52Focus BlastRoute 224
53Energy BallVeilstone City Department Store
54False SwipeOreburgh Gate
55DualWingbeatRoute 210
56Razor ShellRoute 213
57ElectrowebValley Windworks
58Icicle CrashSnowpoint City (beat Candice)
59Dragon PulseRoute 210
60Drain PunchVeilstone City Department Store
61Will-O-WispBattle Frontier (beat Dahlia)
62Silver WindRoute 204
63Scorch SandsManiac Tunnel
64ExplosionStark Mountain
65Shadow ClawHearthome City (beat Fantina)
66PaybackRoute 215
67BreakinSwipeWayward Cave
68Giga ImpactLily of the Valley (buyable)
69Rock PolishRoute 225
70PsychicFangsSolaceon Ruins
71Stone EdgeVictory Road
72AvalancheRoute 217
73Thunder WaveBattle Frontier (beat Thorton)
74Gyro BallIron Island
75Swords DanceBattle Frontier (beat Darach)
76Stealth RockRoute 227
77PowerUpPunchVeilstone City (beat Maylene)
78Flip TurnRoute 230
79Dark PulseVictory Road
80Rock SlideRoute 208
81X-ScissorRoute 221
82Sleep TalkRoute 220
83BulldozeMt. Coronet
84Poison JabRoute 212
85MysticalFireOld Chateau
86Grass KnotEterna City (beat Gardenia)
87SwaggerRoute 228
88PluckRoute 210
89U-TurnRoute 229
90SubstituteRoute 228
91Flash CannonCanalave City (beat Byron)


HM No.MoveLocation
HM01CutFloaroma Town (beat Nando)
HM02FlyVeilstone City (beat Reggie)
HM03SurfLake Valor (after battling Paul)
HM04StrengthIron Island (talk to Steven Stone)
HM05DefogSolaceon Ruins
HM06Rock SmashOreburgh Gate
HM07WaterfallLily of the Valley (after winning the tournament)
HM08Rock ClimbAcuity Lakefront (after battling Paul)


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