Pokemon Parallel Emerald Item, TMs & Tutor Locations

Pokemon Parallel Emerald Item, TMs & Tutor Locations

If you’re looking for Pokemon Parallel Emerald tem, TMs & Tutor Locations, we’ve got you covered! (Items, Key Items, TM/HM, Mega Stones & Move Tutors)

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Pokemon Parallel Emerald Item, TMs & Tutor Locations

Item Locations

MedicineAbility CapsulesPokéMart, VariousPokéMart with two badges
MedicineAbility PatchesMossdeep City, VariousEarliest: Choice on Route 113
MedicineIV FeathersFortree City, VariousDefeat Store Manager Winona
MedicineVitaminsPokéMart, VariousRequires PokéDex
MedicineRare CandiesPokéMart, VariousRequires PokéDex
MedicineSacred AshPokéMart, VariousPokéMart with five badges
OtherPark BallPokéMart, VariousPokéMart with three badges
OtherSpecial BallsSlateport City
OtherHeart ScaleVarious, Route 118Thief from Tirtouga on Route 118 (100%)
OtherBlue ShardRoute 125, Mossdeep City
Route 126&128 Underwater
Hidden items or PokéBalls
OtherGreen ShardRoute 125&126
Route 124&127 Underwater
Hidden items or PokéBalls
OtherRed ShardRoute 124, Mossdeep City
Route 126&127 Underwater
Hidden items or PokéBalls
OtherYellow ShardRoute 124&125, Ever Grande City
Route 126 Underwater
Hidden items or PokéBalls
Type-enhancingBlack BeltRoute 103 East, Fortree City
Type-enhancingBlack GlassesRoute 116, Fortree CityAccessible from Verdanturf Town
Type-enhancingCharcoalLavaridge Town, Fortree City
Type-enhancingDragon FangMt. Chimney, Fortree City
Type-enhancingHard StoneDewford Town, Fortree City
Type-enhancingMagnetTrick House Puzzle 3, Fortree City
Type-enhancingMetal CoatFallarbor Town, Fortree City
Type-enhancingMiracle SeedPetalburg Woods, Fortree City
Type-enhancingMystic WaterRoute 103 East, Fortree City
Type-enhancingNever-Melt IceDewford Town, Fortree City
Type-enhancingPixie PlateFroster Cave B3F, Fortree City
Type-enhancingPoison BarbRoute 102, Fortree City
Type-enhancingSharp BeakRoute 110, Fortree City
Type-enhancingSilk ScarfDewford Town, Fortree City
Type-enhancingSilver PowderRustboro City, Fortree City
Type-enhancingSoft SandTrick House Puzzle 1, Fortree City
Type-enhancingSpell TagRoute 114, Fortree City
Type-enhancingTwisted SpoonRoute 117, Fortree City
Stat-enhancingEvioliteRoute 111Defeat Winstrate Family
Stat-enhancingLeekFroster Island
Stat-enhancingSoothe BellSlateport City150+ Friendship, Pick Eevee
Stat-enhancingThick ClubRoute 112
Out-of-battleAmulet CoinFiery PathInsert 10,000 PokeDollar into the machine
In-battleAbsorb BulbVerdanturf Town
In-battleAir BalloonDewford TownEncourage woman to try the jump
In-battleAssault VestSootopolis City
In-battleBig RootRoute 103 East
In-battleBinding BandRoute 111
In-battleBlack SludgeRoute 111
In-battleBlunder PolicyPetalburg CityRequires Surf
In-battleBright PowderRoute 117
In-battleCell BatteryVerdanturf Town
In-battleChoice BandCrestwood Town
In-battleChoice ScarfCrestwood Town
In-battleChoice SpecsCrestwood Town
In-battleDamp RockRoute 108
In-battleEject ButtonNew Mauville
In-battleEject PackPetalburg CityRequires Surf
In-battleElectric SeedMossdeep City
In-battleExpert BeltDewford TownDefeat Brawly in his home
In-battleFlame OrbRoute 126
In-battleFloat StoneRustboro City
In-battleFocus BandSeafloor Cavern
In-battleFocus SashRoute 103Requires Surf
In-battleGrassy SeedRoute 123
In-battleGrip ClawRoute 127
In-battleHeat RockRoute 119Held by Castform
In-battleHeavy-Duty BootsShoal Cave Ice Room
In-battleIcy RockFroster Cave B2F
In-battleIron BallMeteor Falls
In-battleKing’s RockFallarbor Town
In-battleLagging TailDewford TownDiscourage woman to try the jump
In-battleLeftoversLilycove CityFind all of the Stealthy Six
In-battleLife OrbVictory Road
In-battleLight ClayRoute 117Thief from Baltoy
In-battleLuminous MossVerdanturf Town
In-battleMental HerbRustboro City
In-battleMetronomeLilycove City
In-battleMisty SeedMossdeep City
In-battleMuscle BandRustboro City
In-battlePower HerbRustboro City
In-battleProtective PadsRoute 121
In-battlePsychic SeedMossdeep City
In-battleQuick ClawRustboro City
In-battleRazor ClawFallarbor Town
In-battleRazor FangFallarbor Town
In-battleRed Card
In-battleRing TargetRustboro City
In-battleRocky HelmetRoute 123
In-battleRoom ServiceMossdeep City
In-battleSafety GogglesSootopolis City
In-battleScope LensRoute 119
In-battleShed ShellShoal Cave
In-battleShell BellShoal Cave
In-battleSmoke BallTrick House Puzzle 4
In-battleSmooth RockRoute 124
In-battleSnowballVerdanturf Town
In-battleSticky BarbRoute 125
In-battleTerrain ExtenderMossdeep City
In-battleThroat SprayMossdeep City
In-battleToxic OrbRoute 119
In-battleUtility UmbrellaMagma Hideout
In-battleWhite HerbRustboro City
In-battleWide LensRoute 113
In-battleWise GlassesRustboro City
In-battleZoom LensRoute 113
GemBug GemLavaridge Town
GemDark GemLavaridge Town
GemDragon GemLavaridge Town
GemElectric GemLavaridge Town
GemFairy GemLavaridge Town
GemFighting GemLavaridge Town
GemFire GemLavaridge Town
GemFlying GemLavaridge Town
GemGhost GemLavaridge Town
GemGrass GemLavaridge Town
GemGround GemLavaridge Town
GemIce GemLavaridge Town
GemNormal GemLavaridge Town
GemPoison GemLavaridge Town
GemPsychic GemLavaridge Town
GemRock GemLavaridge Town
GemSteel GemLavaridge Town
GemWater GemLavaridge Town
ExperienceExperience ShareRustboro City, Lilycove CityDeliver Stevens Letter
ExperienceLucky EggVerdanturf Town, Lilycove CityTrade for 50 Nanab Berries
EvolutionsDawn StoneMauville City
EvolutionsDubious DiscLilycove City
EvolutionsDusk StoneMauville City
EvolutionsElectirizerFallarbor Town
EvolutionsFire StoneMauville City
EvolutionsIce StoneMauville City
EvolutionsKing’s RockFallarbor Town
EvolutionsLeaf StoneMauville City
EvolutionsMagmarizerFallarbor Town
EvolutionsMetal CoatFallarbor Town
EvolutionsMoon StoneMauville City
EvolutionsPrism ScaleFallarbor Town
EvolutionsProtectorFallarbor Town
EvolutionsRazor ClawFallarbor Town
EvolutionsRazor FangFallarbor Town
EvolutionsShiny StoneMauville City
EvolutionsSun StoneMauville City
EvolutionsThunder StoneMauville City
EvolutionsUpgradeMauville City
EvolutionsWater StoneMauville City
EvolutionsWhipped DreamMauville City
EvolutionsGalarica CuffFallarbor Town
EvolutionsGalarica WreathFallarbor Town
Berry, StatusAspear BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, StatusCheri BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, StatusChesto BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, StatusLum BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, StatusPecha BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, StatusPersim BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, StatusRawst BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, RestoreAguav BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, RestoreFigy BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, RestoreIapapa BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, RestoreLeppa BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, RestoreMago BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, RestoreOran BerryRoute 102
Berry, RestoreSitrus BerryRoute 111
Berry, RestoreWiki BerryFallarbor Town
Berry, ResistBabiri BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistCharti BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistChilan BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistChople BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistCoba BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistColbur BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistHaban BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistKasib BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistKebia BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistOcca BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistPassho BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistPayapa BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistRindo BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistRoseli BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistShuca BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistTanga BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistWacan BerrySlateport City
Berry, ResistYache BerrySlateport City
Berry, PinchApicot BerryVerdanturf Town
Berry, PinchCustap BerryLavaridge Town
Berry, PinchGanlon BerryVerdanturf Town
Berry, PinchLansat BerryVerdanturf Town
Berry, PinchLiechi BerryVerdanturf Town
Berry, PinchMicle BerryLavaridge Town
Berry, PinchPetaya BerryVerdanturf Town
Berry, PinchSalac BerryVerdanturf Town
Berry, PinchStarf BerryVerdanturf Town
Berry, Hit IncreaseKee BerryLavaridge Town
Berry, Hit IncreaseMaranga BerryLavaridge Town
Berry, EVGrepa BerryRoute 103 East, Fortree City
Berry, EVHondew BerryRoute 103 East, Fortree City
Berry, EVKelpsy BerryRoute 103 East, Fortree City
Berry, EVPomeg BerryRoute 103 East, Fortree City
Berry, EVQualot BerryRoute 103 East, Fortree City
Berry, EVTamato BerryRoute 103 East, Fortree City
Berry, DamageJaboca BerryLavaridge Town
Berry, DamageRowap BerryLavaridge Town

Key Item Locations

Old RodOldale Town, Southeast HouseNo requirement
BikesMauville City, Bike ShopYou get both for free
Coin CaseMauville City, South Center HouseRequires three badges
Complete second Trick House puzzle on Route 110
Give Harbor Mail to woman in Mauville City
Mega RingFroster Cave B3FBeat Spenser
Good RodRoute 118 EastRequires Surf
Devon ScopeRoute 120Requires six badges
Rainbow CouponMossdeep City GymBeat Tate&Liza
Shiny CharmRoute 117, DaycareComplete 300 Dex entries

TM/HM Locations

TM01 Close CombatVictory Road
TM02 Dragon ClawCrestwood TownBeat a single Trial
TM03 Water PulseSlateport City
TM04 Calm MindMossdeep City Gym
TM05 RoarRoute 114
TM06 ToxicRoute 127
TM07 HailLilycove City
TM08 Bulk UpSootopolis City
TM09 Bullet SeedRoute 104
TM10 Hidden PowerSlateport City
TM11 Sunny DayLilycove City
TM12 TauntSootopolis City Gym
TM13 Ice BeamFroster Cave B1F
TM14 BlizzardLilycove City
TM15 Hyper BeamVictory Road
TM16 Light ScreenMossdeep City
TM17 ProtectPetalburg City Gym
TM18 Rain DanceLilycove City
TM19 Giga DrainMeteor Falls
TM20 Flaring RushMagma Hideout
TM21 FrustrationSlateport City
TM22 Solar BeamRoute 119Requires Waterfall
TM23 Iron TailMeteor FallsRequires Waterfall
TM24 ThunderboltMauville CityShut down Generator
TM25 ThunderLilycove City
TM26 EarthquakeMt. Pyre
TM27 ReturnSlateport City
TM28 DigRoute 110, Route 114Beat Cycling Challenge
TM29 PsychicSeafloor Cavern
TM30 Shadow BallMt. Pyre
TM31 Brick BreakJagged Pass
TM32 Double TeamFroster Cave
TM33 ReflectMossdeep City
TM34 Leaf BladeRoute 123
TM35 FlamethrowerRoute 122
TM36 Sludge BombDewford TownAfter Balance Badge
TM37 SandstormRoute 111
TM38 Fire BlastLilycove City
TM39 Rock TombSlateport City
TM40 Aerial AceSlateport City
TM41 TormentSlateport City
TM42 FacadeRoute 115Accessible from Meteor Falls
TM43 Secret PowerSlateport City
TM44 RestRustboro CityRequires Rock Smash
TM45 AttractRoute 109
TM46 ThiefRustboro City Gym
TM47 Steel WingGranite Cave
TM48 Zen HeadbuttSafari Zone
TM49 Dual WingbeatFroster Cave B3F
TM50 OverheatFiery PathRequires Strength
TM51 RoostFortree City
TM52 Focus BlastAbandoned ShipRequires Dive
TM53 Energy BallRoute 118Requires Surf
TM54 PsyshockRoute 121
TM55 ScaldRoute 107
TM56 Leech LifeRoute 109Requires Surf
TM57 Charge BeamPetalburg WoodsRequires Cut
TM58 Poisonous GrazeRoute 113
TM59 Dragon PulseMossdeep City
TM60 Drain PunchMossdeep City
TM61 Will-O-WispRoute 130
TM62 AcrobaticsRoute 114
TM63 Rock SlideFallarbor TownGive Cozmo the Meteorite
TM64 ExplosionRoute 129
TM65 Shadow ClawFallarbor Town
TM66 PaybackSlateport City
TM67 CrunchRoute 120
TM68 Giga ImpactVictory Road
TM69 Rock PolishRoute 115
TM70 Aurora VeilFroster Cave B1F
TM71 Stone EdgeShoal Cave
TM72 Volt SwitchMauville City Gym
TM73 Thunder WaveFallarbor Town
TM74 Gyro BallGranite Cave B2FMach Bike
TM75 Swords DanceRoute 114Requires Waterfall
TM76 Stealth RockRoute 127Defeat Roxanne
TM77 Struggle BugPetalburg Woods
TM78 BulldozeSlateport City
TM79 Freeze DryFallarbor Town
TM80 VenoshockSlateport City
TM81 X-ScissorRusturf TunnelClear Tunnel
TM82 Dragon TailRoute 113
TM83 Flame ChargeGranite Cave B1F
TM84 Poison JabFortree City Gym
TM85 Tectonic DriftRoute 113
TM86 Grass KnotDewford Town Gym
TM87 Play RoughMossdeep City
TM88 Low SweepSlateport City
TM89 U-TurnRoute 128
TM90 SubstitutePacifidlog Town
TM91 Flash CannonAbandoned Ship
TM92 Trick RoomLavaridge Town Gym
TM93 Wild ChargeRoute 120
TM94 Sucker PunchMossdeep City
TM95 SnarlFallarbor Town
TM96 Icicle CrashFroster IslandRequires Surf
TM97 Dark PulseRoute 115 NorthRequires Surf
TM98 False SwipeRoute 116
TM99 Dazzling GleamAqua Hideout
TM100 CurseMossdeep City
HM01 CutRustboro City
HM02 FlyRoute 119
HM03 SurfPetalburg CityWallys Dad
HM04 StrengthDewford TownRequires four badges
Defeat Brawly after meeting him in Froster Cave
HM05 FlashGranite Cave
HM06 Rock SmashMauville City
HM07 WaterfallSootopolis City
HM08 DiveMossdeep City

Mega Stone Locations

Mega StoneLocationComments
AbomasiteFroster Cave B1FRequires Strength
AbsoliteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
AerodactyliteSeafloor Cavern
AggroniteRoute 127
AlakaziteRoute 124
AltarianiteLilycove City
AmpharositeFroster Cave B1FRequires Strength
AudiniteRoute 120
BanettiteFroster CaveRequires Strength
BeedrilliteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
BlastoisinitePetalburg CityRequires Surf
BlazikeniteRoute 118Requires Surf
CameruptiteFiery PathRequires Strength
Charizardite XPetalburg CityRequires Surf
Charizardite YPetalburg CityRequires Surf
DianciteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
GalladiteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
GarchompiteRoute 124Trade for 4 Blue Shards
GardevoiriteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
GengariteVictory Road
GlalititeFroster CaveRequires Strength
GyaradositeFroster Cave B1FRequires Strength
HeracroniteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
HoundoominiteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
LatiasiteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
LatiositeFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
LopunniteRoute 125
LucarioniteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
ManectiteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
MawiliteVictory Road
MedichamiteVictory Road
MetagrossiteRoute 124Trade for 4 Yellow Shards
Mewtwonite XFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
Mewtwonite YFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
PinsiriteFroster IslandShop in Shipyard
SableniteMt. Pyre
SalamenciteRoute 124Trade for 4 Red Shards
SceptiliteRoute 118Requires Surf
ScizoriteRoute 130
SharpedoniteAbandoned ShipRequires Waterfall
SlowbroniteRoute 131
SwampertiteRoute 118Requires Surf
TyranitariteRoute 124Trade for 4 Green Shards
VenusauritePetalburg CityRequires Surf

Move Tutor Locations

Oldale Town – Pokémon CenterRustboro City – Center East HouseDewford Town – Center House
NuzzleCharmIcy Wind
Shadow SneakTriple KickPluck
Sand TombRock BlastRazor Leaf
TwisterMetal ClawHex
Disarming VoiceSpiteMud Bomb
AbsorbAqua JetBug Bite
BubbleRapid SpinPoison Tail
Clear SmogMetal SoundHaze
SnatchMe FirstMagnet Rise
TeleportSwiftVaccum Wave
Slateport CityFroster IslandMauville City
Pokémon Fan ClubMarketMove Mansion 1FMove Mansion 2F
CovetBubble SmackKnock OffIce Fang
Flame WheelFeint AttackSparkIce Punch*
AccelerockFell StingerShadow PunchThunder Fang
Ice ShardShock WaveSignal BeamThunder Punch*
Silver WindIncinerateDraining KissFire Fang
Air CutterAncient PowerNight ShadeFire Punch*
PsybeamMoonlightAurora Beam
Seismic TossMean LookLife Dew
Aqua RingAromatherapyWide Guard
Leech SeedDragon RagePain Split
*requires four badges
Verdanturf Town – Pokémon CenterFallarbor Town – Northwest HouseLavaridge Town – Southeast House
BouncePower-Up PunchDual Chop
Fake OutBody SlamHeat Crash
AvalanchePsycho CutStomping Tantrum
Bullet PunchRolloutCross Poison
Fire SpinOminous WindDischarge
Dragon BreathExtrasensoryLava Plume
Mirror ShotPower GemAura Sphere
BrineAir SlashScorching Sands
DetectParting ShotFlip Turn
CoilHypnosisConfuse Ray
Bug Buzz
Fortree City – Southwest HouseLilycove City – West HouseMossdeep City – Left of Gym
Night SlashBody PressMegahorn
Petal BlizzardWood HammerVolt Tackle
Drill RunGunk ShotExtreme Speed
Iron HeadElectro BallMeteor Mash
LiquidationPetal DanceHeat Wave
Earth PowerSludge WaveFrost Breath
Hyper VoiceSticky WebFuture Sight
Stored PowerToxic SpikesElectric Terrain
MoonblastTrickMisty Terrain
DefogTailwindGrassy Terrain
SpikesTriple AxelPsychic Terrain
Pacifidlog Town – Northeast HouseSootopolis City – Northeast HouseEver Grande City – Outside, South Of Victory Road
OutrageFlare BlitzDraco Meteor
Brave BirdHead SmashInferno
Phantom ForceSecret SwordBoomburst
HurricaneLeaf StormQuiver Dance
Expanding ForcePursuitNasty Plot
EndureRecoverDragon Dance
Destiny BondPerish SongShell Smash
Iron DefenseRage PowderSlack Off
YawnBaton PassWish
Heal Bell
Pokemon Parallel Emerald Move Tutor Locations

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