Pokemon Emerald No Levels Mod

Pokemon Emerald No Levels Mod

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Emerald No Levels Mod GBA Rom

  • Creator: Schrroms
  • Version: 2nd May, 2020 Release
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: May 2, 2020

Pokemon Emerald No Levels Mod is an Emerald ROM Hack that removes the effects of levels on Pokemon stats. Pokemon still learn moves & evolve through levels, but their stats remain fixed for the entire game. So for instance, the Geodude you’re fighting on Route 1 is no better or no worse than the one you found on Victory Road.

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The idea is to put a different twist on Pokemon gameplay. This seemingly small change completely changes the way you have to think about Pokemon battles and team planning. Since you can’t just grind your way to win a tough fight, every battle has the potential to be challenging, even against wild Pokemon. This forces you to approach battles differently. Stats changing moves become much more useful and it makes it much more important to master type matchups and strategies and to experiment with different team members.


Since the base game was designed around levels, you can definitely expect some balance issues. Namely concerning the items that are given to the player, the Pokemon you have access to, etc.

Battles can be especially tedious in the early game. Beating an opponent that has 100HP when you only know tackle takes a long time, and you will run out of PP quite frequently. This does get better as you progress through the game and learn better moves. 
Protip: Use speed up during battles!