Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Blazing Fire Red GBA ROM. It’s an open-world game where you can choose the town where you’ll start your journey, it also has pss!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Emerald Semi Randomizer GBA ROM. Every trainer battle in the game is new each time you play it- but never truly random.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Fused Dimensions GBA ROM. It is a mod of Pokemon FireRed featuring a dex with 376 obtainable fusion pokemon, mega evolution & more!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Girls Hunter 3 GBA ROM. You catch girls instead of Pokemon. 50 Obtainable Girls, 10 Types of Pokemorphed Girls, New Region & More!

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Eternal Emerald GBA ROM. It is based on Pokemon Emerald with Hardcore Nuzlocke, A Slightly Changed Map, Changed Dialogue, and More!

DOwnload Pre-Patched Pokemon GS Chronicles GBA ROM. The famous Professor Elm has been busy with several new findings, among them the legend of the miraculous...

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Noon GBA ROM. The Efonni Region needs you. The evil Team Grin is censoring everything in sight. It’s now up to you and your team!

Download Pokemon Fire Red Extended GBA ROM. It is a Fire Red Remake With A Lot of Advanced Features, 24 Starters, Gen 1-8 Pokemon & More!

Pokemon FireRed VR Missions is a GBA ROM Hack by Ephraim225 based on Pokemon FireRed. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on July 15, 2018.

Pokemon Fire Burn is a GBA Rom Hack based on Pokemon Fire Red but with All Pokemon from Generation 1-7, Mega Evolution, Updated Graphics & Much More!