Pokemon Emerald Rogue Changelog

Pokemon Emerald Rogue

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Pokemon Emerald Rogue Changelog

v1.3.2 Balance Patch


  • Added popup to safari areas to announce the types available in a sub-area
  • Safari will display a greyed out Pokeball in battle if the mon is not currently caught and is in the party or PC
  • Added much-requested quest to complete a run with only shiny mons… you’re all crazy 😉 (Swapped reward with “Apotheosis”)
  • Added method to get combined forms in the hub (New reward for Apotheosis; can be used to get Zygarde forms too)
  • Added warning popup if your partner can’t evolve with the current settings
  • Hall of Fame will now include fainted mons (Will indicate which mons have fainted by having them appear in a darker color)
  • Improved mon selection for “untyped” boss trainers
  • Shedinja no longer requires a spare Pokeball to evolve (It will just inherit the Nincada’s ball, as it was in gen3)
  • Added some community-suggested charms/curses (Priority & Endure)
  • Added some community-suggested phrases (New NPCs added around the Hub)
  • Balanced some charms/curses
  • Strength charm/curse effectiveness has been doubled
  • Discount charm/curse now changes by 40%
  • Flinch curse now matches a 10% chance to flinch
  • Crit charm now will now only increase by 1 stage per charm (Previously the first charm gave 2 stages)
  • Adjusted Lab curse rate (Slightly less likely earlier into a run, slightly more likely late into a run)


  • Fixed being able to encounter water encounters on the Johto route
  • Fixed some routes not saying “Caught in ADVENTURE” in the description for mons
  • Fixed “Fire Master” not unlocking Fire Memory in shop
  • Fixed the truck sprite glitching when entering shop screen
  • Added icon for Calyrex
  • Fixed groudon being able to appear on Maxie’s team even if it isn’t available in the regional dex
  • Encounter preview sprites will remember their states between reloading REST saves
  • Fixed some mons not being classified correctly for legendary clause (e.g. Crown Zacian)
  • Tweaked save data to make future storage more optimal
  • Fixed “Mystery Man” quest not always being marked as complete
  • Fixed issue with trainer card not displaying stars correctly
  • Fixed Low BST mode not calculating forms changes correctly (e.g. Wishiwashi; ditto is unaffected by this change)
  • Fixed Everstone curse not affecting “level up whilst xyz” style evolutions (This also comes with the added difficulty of locking out specific evos based on ordering if the curse is active)
  • Speculative fix for some overworld reflection palettes breaking
  • Fixed Shed skin charm triggering ability popup
  • Wild mon held items will now not appear if the items are not active with the current dex settings (Will also prevent mons from holding banned items such as Revives)
  • Fix for duplicate mons of different forms appearing in trainer parties
  • Fixed mega evo and zmoves sometimes not both being usable in the same battle
  • Fixed some softlock spots
  • Fixed a few typos

v1.3.1a – Hotfix

FYI 1.3.1a patch is released to fix an issue with trainers having duplicate mons (Was unfortunately introduced in my haste to get the hotfix out)

  • Due to the AI making quests easier than desired the following new quests will be reset to INCOMPLETE this patch
    • Apotheosis
    • Roguelocke
    • True Mono
    • Iron Kaizo
    • Please Stop…


  • Rare Candies sped up (Can now be safely spammed but move learn will still use the current slower flow to avoid accidentally selecting)
  • Ability Capsule & Patch can be used to revert hidden ability
  • Lab Encounter won’t spawn until after the 3rd badge now
  • Random starter trade will take into account skipped badges e.g if you skip 2 badges the traded mon will be at lvl 25
  • Lab Encounter and Dark Deal won’t appear at the same time (The rate hasn’t been adjust)
  • Colourised some text in the Quest Log to help with skim reading
  • “Insane Mode” “Please Stop…” and “Apotheosis” will now check the party for legendaries at the start of battle, so you can safely catch and release other mons (Similar to the recent changes to the Mono Type Quests)
  • AutoBattler phrase now supports megas (Z moves still to come)
  • EasyChat windows (Phrases/Seed entry) will default to Alphabetical mode
  • The new region dex quests are now unlocked via completing kanto style


  • Fixed AI not being set to the correct difficulty
  • Fixed some tile collision/surfing issues on a few maps
  • Fixed being able to reroll the Strong Trainer reward mons in accepting option
  • Fixed Hoenn Rainbow description
  • Fixed extra hub shops (Quest Rewards, Mega/Z move) not always appearing
  • Reduced some of the audio crackles from the Johto champion fight music (Still needs some more work though)
  • Fixed repel encounter tracker tech
  • Fixed flinch curse/charm not being applied correctly
  • Fixed easy trainers incorrectly using average trainers IV assignment
  • Fixed AI being able to have multiple Arceus’ in a party at once
  • Fixed encounter preview sometimes not showing mons that can spawn with multiple forms (e.g. minor)
  • Fixed Kyogre being able to primal revert into “?” with a red orb equipped
  • -Fixed OW mon cry always being Abra
  • -Speculative fix for mini-boss not always healing team
  • -Fixed BattleAddict phrase sometimes soft locking sometimes after beating a gym leader

v1.3 – The Regional Update

Major update with a whole bunch of new features! The main one being a bunch of new gym leaders and routes! Just in time for the holidays! ❄️

Major Features

  • Added Kanto and Johto routes (Can be toggled in secret room, enabled by default)
  • Added Kanto, Johto & ??? leaders (Can be toggled in secret room, disabled by default)
  • Added regional dex mode for enabling generations! (The old behavior is still in; it is now referred to as National dex mode)
  • Added Charm & Curse items which serve as per run buff/debuffs (These can do crazy stuff such as: increase crit rate, give all mons an extra ability such as shedskin, prevent you from catching duplicates etc.)
  • Removed graveyard encounter and replaced with 2 new ones
  • New encounter “The Lab” can be used get mons which have previously fainted, although there is a risk of getting a Curse if you do (The chance of getting a curse increases the deeper into a run you get)
  • New encounter “The Dark Deal” considered a late game version of “The Game Show” (You will be able to select one of 3 Charms but at the cost of a random Curse)
  • Added Legendary encounter difficulty setting (The pre v1.3 encounter rate is considered the “Easy” setting)
  • Added “Legendary Clause”; if you bring in a legendary into a run as a partner, trainers will also be allowed to have legendaries of a similar effectiveness (i.e. if you bring Phione, you’re not gonna see a trainer with an Arceus)
  • Added escape rope item (Expensive, but can be used to instantly escape from all non-boss encounters)
  • EV rework which discourages grinding but rewards players for keeping Pokemon for a long time (EVs are now rewarded at the very end of trainer battles and are given to Pokemon -based on their nature)
  • Added a Mysterious Man to the hub (More details to be revealed later)
  • Added a bunch more Quests! (Most of which are in the “Hard to beat” classification O.O)
  • It’s now possible to get a gold trainer card for completing rogue-specific goals (Have fun community guide group)
  • Optimised loading which happens during map and battle transitions (All modes/configs should be pretty snappy now)


  • Mini bosses (Strong Trainers) will now offer you one of their Pokemon, as a reward for beating them (Stats will be adjusted, but moveset and ability will remain the same)
  • Adjusted full rest stop layout to bring all NPCs closer (Slightly adjusted Mart rest stop too to be consistent; sorry for breaking people’s muscle memory)
  • Sped up/Improved UX for move tutors
  • Sped up all fade-in/out animations
  • Late-game boss trainers will have smarter ordering for team members
  • Exp trainer can only be battled once per badge unless over levelling is on
  • The final Champion battle scene palette adjusted
  • Evolutions and Healing held item animations have been sped up
  • Basic bag setting has been moved to a button and renamed to “Bag wipe”
  • Slightly improved catching for legendaries -Frontier Brains are now in the mini-boss trainer pool
  • Remove EXP from catching mons (Was causing way too many bugs to make it worthwhile )
  • Route trainers will now never have 6 mons, they will only have up to 4 -X items that have been reverted to only boost by a single stage
  • Adventure Entrance flow has changed to make the options slightly clearer (Spamming A will now result in a “full run” with “single battles”)
  • Adjusted some awkward evos e.g. level up in rain or level up with specific mon in the party (A few have been changed, so it’s best to check with birch for the accurate evos)
  • Fixed Mime Jr evo; it can now evolve into galar variant
  • HM moves can be taught over now
  • Adjusted cost of ability patch & capsule
  • Rainbow mode final champ is now always a specific boss
  • Added 2 more clothing styles to the clothes shop
  • Added player renamer to the clothes shop
  • Nectars will no longer appear unless gen7 is enabled
  • You can now release pokemon from the party menu (Good luck soulockers)
  • Mono type quests now work with randoman trades at the start of the run
  • Mono type quests now check party mons at the very beginning of the battle (You can now catch stuff and release them for dex progression or catch a mon and evolve it with an item into the required type without failing the quest)
  • Added plus icon next to mega and z move prompt (So hopefully new players know to press start)
  • Added indicator to tutors to show how many moves are currently unavailable (Not changed any behaviour here; just made it clearer)
  • Increased item stack size to 999 (Doesn’t give extra bag slots, just means you can have up to 999 items in the same item in a single slot)
  • Type quests will no longer reward the plates, but instead will unlock them in the hub shop along with memories (and drives, if there is one for that type)
  • A small selection of Quests are now active during Gauntlet Mode runs -Increased berry gain -EV gain items can no longer be purchased in the hub
  • Removed all the “Are you sure” prompts when choosing to not learn a move (If you don’t want to learn a move, you can now safely spam B)
  • Deoxys can cycle through forms using the meteorite key item (Quest reward item)
  • Adjusted some TM and Held Item prices
  • Added popups for some events e.g. Quest Complete, Pinned Quest fail, etc.
  • Tate went on a walk, leaving Liza to do all the work smh


  • Speculative fix for berry trees occasionally disappearing in the hub
  • Fixed a variety of bugs related to lvl up from catch mon exp
  • Pickup can no longer give revive items
  • Fixed “Orre Style” quest never unlocking (100% quest completion can now be reached!)
  • Fixed Z move being used by next sent out mon, if the desired mon faints
  • Fixed Wattson not getting correct trainer class in rainbow mode
  • Fixed Ho-oh and Lugia encounters not working if you had previously fainted them -Rusted Sword/Shield are immune to moves like knock off
  • Safari shiny system will now account for alternate species based on dex ID (Slight caveat with this e.g. if you catch a shiny slowpoke regardless of regional form, you can get the 100% shiny shiny kanto form or galar form, not both)
  • Fixed evolving Ninetails and not teaching move causing game to crash
  • Fixed legendary encounter incorrectly getting wild den/style sets/IVs (Fixes legendaries spawning with teleport/roar)
  • Fixed encounter tracker sometimes showing mons before battling them -Fixed aqua/magma grunt encounter music
  • Fixed safari still using the config house gen limit
  • Fixed safari spawning gen4+ mons before post game is enabled
  • Fixed HMs and Berries stacks occasionally duplicating when returning to the hub (If you were previously affected by this, it should clear up after 2 runs)
  • Fixed Rainbow mode sometimes soft locking for champion fight when running with gen3 or 4 limit -Fixed Dragon Darts hitting more than twice
  • Fixed Hidden powers not showing correctly for EX
  • Fixed Hall of fame data being corrupted (Will only show future HoF entries)
  • Fixed clothes shop glitching the player sprite palette
  • Updated Foul play animation to reduce photosensitivity issues
  • Fixed grass sprite turning grey when returning from pokemon or bag menu
  • Fixed wild den? appearing and not being able to spawn later gen mons
  • Fixed double battles all targeting moves not hitting the right side mon
  • Fixed poketoy not working -Fixed Red/Leaf sprites glitching out (The best feature of 1.3 obv) -Potential fix for AI not working well, when choice items are used
  • Trainers in Vanilla will not try to use Trick anymore
  • Fixed randoman status effects making mons immune to status effect moves
  • Fixed softlock with wandering spirit and intimidate activation
  • Fixed shedinja not always being added to the party
  • Speculative fix for mons on rare occasion losing their shinyness when changing nature
  • Fixed forewarn ability crash
  • Speculative fix for graphical corruption which can happen when ability popup window appears
  • Fixed Calyrex not appearing in safari

v1.2.1 – Another hotfix patch for some bug fixes

  • Fixed gym leaders giving the incorrect HM
  • Fixed gauntlet mode not working when entering with more than 1 mon
  • Fixed mono-type quests failing incorrectly
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed the leftover cases for game soft locking when warping (Hopefully, we should have all of these now; if you encounter any please raise them as bugs)
  • Fixed “Insane mode” quest not being flagged as completed
  • Fixed Mew breaking the move tutor in EX
  • A speculative fix for move tutors has 2 of the same move
  • Increased the money payout for mini-boss trainers and increased their mon lvls slightly
  • Wild legendaries won’t spawn with teleport anymore
  • The post-gym-fight “Would you like to retire?” prompt won’t activate for repeated quests anymore
  • You will get prompted to talk to Scott before going on an adventure if you have new quests ready to unlock

v1.2 The QuestingUpdate – Major update with the flagship feature being a new Quest system along with revamped HUB progression

Note: As this update majorly affects HUB progression, all HUB progress will be reset; this includes buildings, money, items etc. but caught mons in the party and PC will be unaffected

Major Features

  • Added Quest system and a large collection of quests to get started with!
  • Revamp HUB progression, they are now tied to Quests
  • Added some new HUB buildings/areas
  • Added Rainbow mode! A mode where any boss trainer (Gym leader, Elite 4, etc.) can appear at any time and some extra placeholder gym leaders for missing types have also been added.
  • Added Basic Bag option; when the option is turned on your bag and money will be reset to defaults when you set off on an adventure (For people who want a few extra challenges to run)
  • Added new windy leaves weather type for grassy terrain
  • New title screen to idolize everyone’s favorite mon


  • Legendary & Wild den encounters now won’t come with held items
  • Gym leaders will give you HMs when on a run if you don’t currently have them in your bag
  • Gym leader hint statue will now appear in hard trainers mode
  • Gym leader/Nurse cost adjusted
  • From Elite 4 onwards trainers will now try to pick more viable mons
  • Tutor tweaks. Special and Egg tutor will now only show a random selection of moves which increases the further into a run you get
  • Special tutor will now show extra moves for mons; this is a small band aid fix which is setup so, if an AI could possible have that move, now you can too
  • Some maps have been tweaked to move trainers/add paths
  • Graveyard and Gameshow are more likely to turn up at beginning of run than end of run
  • Game Show slightly nerfed
  • Change calculations for how encounters are placed so you’re much less likely to get many encounters of same type (Excluding routes and rest stops)
  • Changed how weather is decided for routes and bosses
  • Randoman will now offer a set trade if you are playing with seeded mode enabled -You will now be asked if you want to keep using the same seed when returning to the HUB
  • Added evolution method for Meltan
  • Hidden power will now display the actual typing
  • Enemy trainers will now have hidden power types set correctly
  • Regular trainers will attempt to stick to a couple of types now and will no longer be constrained to just early gen mons
  • Slightly increased cost of traveling mart items
  • “Hard Trainers” scales a bit slower (Hopefully runs should get a bit further on average now)
  • Added NPCs around the HUB to hint at smaller/QoL features
  • Added list in Safari Zone of the current remembered shinies
  • Low health beeping will now only play for a single turn
  • Gauntlet mode now allows you to enter with 6 mons
  • If you patch whilst in a run, you will now be prompted and told to re-patch in the HUB


  • Fixed rare soft-lock when warping bug
  • Fixed background music cutting out bug
  • Fixed a few map softlocks
  • Fixed crash from Mimicry ability
  • Fixed being able to talk to NPCs whilst teleporting and retrigger events/interactions
  • Fixed alcreamie taking up multiple slots for trainers/encounters
  • Fixed Trainer Pokemon not always applying the correct ability (e.g. Ditto’s imposter)
  • Updated regional variant evolutions so that all evos/forms should now be obtainable
  • EV boosting items won’t appear if EVs are disabled

v1.1.2 – Another hotfix patch for some more minor adjustments/bug fixes

  • Fixed soft-lock from tuber girl (You know the one)
  • Fixed trainer-triggering encounter when looking away from you
  • Fixed mega stone pickups giving extra items unintentionally
  • Fixed poison heal taking damage from overworld poison
  • Fixed missing Alcremie icon
  • Fixed legendary & wild den encounters not being synced in seeded mode
  • Fixed tutors always displaying “ABLE” even if no moves can be taught
  • Tutors will no longer show moves that the mon currently knows
  • Speculative fix for ?? wild den encounter -Speculative fix for being able to re-trigger mini-boss encounters
  • Bank now has a cap of $25k to avoid glitching out
  • Slightly reduced cost of pre-gym nurse and statue –Nerfed Heff’s playstyle -Increased costs of mints
  • Slightly reduced available options in held items shops during the gym phase (E4 phase unchanged)

v1.1.1 – Hotfix patch for some minor adjustments/bug fixes

  • Fixed alternate form items (Gracedia, Prison bottle, Rusted Sword/Shield)
  • Fixed a variety of broken evos + forms
    • Meowstic, Indeedee, Lycanroc, Toxtricity, Milcery, Galarian Yamask, Crabrawler, Eevee
  • Increase late game (E4+) route spawning slightly + forced tough routes to appear more often for said routes.

v1.1 The Routing Update

Major update with the flagship feature being a new overworld map where you can choose which encounters you want!

Major Features

  • Added new feature; The Adventure Map, you will now get to see which encounters are coming up and choose a path
  • Added route variants: Calm, Average and Tough (Calm has less items and trainers, average matches the current settings, tough increases item amount, and trainer difficulty + payout, but reduces available wild encounters)
  • Split reststop into separate encounters: Full (Same as current), Shops and Battle Prep. (The randoman has a chance to turn up at any of these)
  • Randoman will appear at the beginning of a run to offer a free trade once you’ve traded with him at least once
  • Added NPCs before gym fights (Not present in Elite 4 or Champion rooms)
    • Trainer to help level up instantly to current cap so no need to grind on route
    • Nurse to heal, but for an increased price every badge
    • Statue to tell you the upcoming gym leader (Scales with trainer difficulty: Easy this is free, Average this costs more and more, Hard isn’t available)
  • Added mini boss encounter; difficult fights but good rewards
  • Added wild den encounter; a random mon, with guaranteed good stats and viable moves
  • Added game show encounter; randoman can how a game show for you and the results can add quite a bit of chaos to your run
  • Added resurrection encounter; you can receive a single revival herb, but at a great cost
  • Added a few new route maps
  • View EV/IVs in pokemon stats screen by pressing A to cycle through
  • Added encounter tracker for the active route ( It’s in grey scale because I’m a dumb :S )


  • Fishing/Surf encounters are now random; they are selected at the beginning of the run and will not change until a new run is started
  • Added Ability Patch to allow swapping to hidden ability
  • Safari zone now allows for limiting to specific gens when entering and you can select the number of safari balls you’d like to use
  • he safari zone will remember the 6 most recent shinies you have caught during a run and give you 1 guaranteed instant shiny encounter for each
  • TM shop will now have random selection of TMs during runs
  • Adjusted some shop prices
  • Name rater added to rest stops
  • Birch has been added to rest stops and can now tell you all the different ways a selected pokemon can evolve
  • Legendaries will now have a stronger trainer guarding them and their catch difficulty has been made slightly harder
  • Implemented moves taught when evolving
  • Only encounter 1 version of generation specific treat/full heal (e.g. Lava Cookie, Pewter Crunchies etc.)
  • Once you enter post game, you will now automatically be given key items for form changes (More of these to be added at a later date)
  • Once you reach the elite 4 the chance of routes turning up is drastically reduced, so it’s now a lot more like the traditional gauntlet (You still have a chance to make team adjustments, but very little control over what you get)
  • Poison in the overworld will now only take you down to 1 hp
  • Reward money has been tweaked, giving individual big payouts once you have: beat all gym leaders, beaten all the 4 and beat ‘the champion’
  • Routes have had some small HM shortcuts added
  • HMs don’t need to be taught to be used in the overworld
  • Pressing B in a wild battle will auto select run, pressing it a 2nd time will run
  • Rotom forms now have their signature moves
  • Norman has decided that birds are dumb and he’ll leave them to Winona
  • Added more weather options for both routes and bosses
  • Updated fishing to make it less tedious
  • Using medicines will no longer boot you back to the bag screen allowing you to use multiple healing items in a row


  • Fixed bug with trainers not having abilities correctly set for mons
  • Fixed bug with when exiting battle mega evolution could revert the wrong mon in the party
  • Fixed bug where pokemon could be forced to evolve if the slot they are replacing was about to evolve
  • Fixed arena trap/shadow tag messages displaying the incorrect mon + ability name
  • Fixed switching moves (e.g. volt switch, baton pass) not triggering primal reversion
  • Fixed water reflection on brendan/may

v1.0.3a – Hotfix for a few more bug fixes

  • Added version text to the main menu
  • Fixed trainer soft-locking the player in the cave and the berry patch by moving and blocking them in place or the exit
  • Fixed collision bugs in the safari zone
  • Fixed unreachable trainer on berry master route
  • Wings no longer spawn when EVs are disabled
  • Registering a different key item whilst in a run will no longer be reverted when returning to the hub
  • Super lures will no longer appear
  • Nectar is now correctly classified as an evolution item so costs $2100
  • Remove debug battle screen from EX
  • Eviolite should now take into account disabled gens correctly
  • Mega Rayquaza should no longer appear when Megas a disabled (I hope this is actually true this time!)
  • Fixed TMHMs learnsets not being assigned correctly (e.g. tentacruel previously could learn overheat)
  • Fixed TMHM name appearing twice in pickup text
  • Change weather type on field route to avoid GFX bugs
  • Fixed Mew and Blissey bugging the game out when using the Special Move tutor

v1.0.2 – Hotfix for a few more bug fixes

  • Fixed Egg moves tutor not working for evolved forms
  • Fixed Galar birds not being considered legendaries by the auto balancer
  • Moved randoman to be next to nurse joy at rest stops
  • Fixed some tile collision issues + Move randoman to be next to nurse joy at rest stops
  • Fixed a minor text issue with Prof Birch

v1.0.1 – Hotfix for a few bug fixes

  • Speculative fix for rare bug; when catching a new party member if you release a Pokemon to make space it can wipe your entire team (I would really appreciate accurate steps for this if people are still encountering it, as I have yet to be able to reproduce this)
  • Fix for Pokedex always displays shiny Pokemon
  • Fix for AI using Rayquaza can mega evolve even if mega evolutions are disabled
  • Fix for HMs not being teachable in EX (edited)

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