Pokemon Modern Emerald Changelog

Pokemon Modern Emerald Changelog

If you’re looking for Pokemon Modern Emerald Changelog, we’ve got you covered!

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Pokemon Modern Emerald Changelog


  • Fixed save message after Wonder Trading.


  • Wonder Trade has been completely revamped! Now available in every Pokémon Center Second Floor after obtaining 5 badges, and has been removed from the Battle Frontier.
  • Players playing with challenges enabled (Nuzlocke; Pokécenter; Evo Limit; One type Only; Stat equalizer; Mirror; Mirror Thief) won’t be able to Wonder Trade until they finish their challenge (beating the Pkm League).
  • The game will save 2 times while doing Wonder Trades, preventing save scumming.
  • Hidden Power now includes Fairy type!
  • New option to not heal Pokémon when deposited on the PC (needs to be enabled via de challenges menu at the start of the game).
  • Not healing when deposited on the PC is enabled by default in the “Pokécenter Challenge”.
  • The Pokédex now features green colors instead of red, because this is Modern Emerald! Yay?
  • Norman’s Slaking doesn’t have Speed Boost anymore, now has Immunity.
  • Shinies shouldn’t appear in HyperTraining anymore (needs more testing).
  • Hidden Power has been fixed as it was showing incorrect typings.
  • Hasty mint now has the correct description.


  • Infinite Rare Candies and Infinite Repel items! Talk with the new girl in Oldale Town to obtain them. Cheat with responsibility!
  • Manectric now has fire-type moves (Overheat and Flamethrower).
  • Changed the name of the “Perma Faint” option, now it’s called “Pokémon Faint”. The colour and description have also been updated to reflect how important is not to enable it by mistake.
  • Changed the text in the Challenge Option “TRAINER EVs” to reflect that Trainers do NOT have EVs by default.
  • Fixed spawn of Dratini. Now spawns in Route 120, surfing in the water (Modern Spawns only).
  • Fixed not being able to buy TM13 (Ice beam) in the Mauville Game Corner with Infinite TMs on.
  • Fixed the circular saving animation breaking in caves with Flash.


  • New Shiny forms for certain Pokémon.
    T- All items can now be obtained through Pokemon drops. Consult the documentation.
  • NEW Perma Faint option available in the Challenges Menu at the start of a new game. This feature makes your Pokemon unusable after fainting like in a Nuzlocke, but without the Nuzlocke rules. Use with caution as if you reach zero team members it could spell the end of your run.
  • Random type effectiveness now works as it should.
  • The game will beep 5 times when your Pokemon gets low on health, then stop.
  • Opponents have an updated Poké Ball throwing animation with sound.
  • Castform can now be caught on Route 119, and Chingling on Mt. Vanilla outer pyre and modern spawns.

  • Gallade and other Pokémon now work properly in the move tutor screen.
  • Using Sweet Scent in water no longer breaks surf.

  • Debug menu is now activated holding SELECT, then pressing START.
  • Mawile is now Steel / Fairy.
  • Safari Balls now have their correct price.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Hard mode is now harder.
  • Paralysis doesn’t affect electric types.
  • Steel doesn’t resist Dark.
  • Spinda has had a cool buff. BST has been increased by 10 in every stat and it can learn Superpower. When using Superpower, it has a 50% chance of increasing the stats instead of decreasing them (like a 50% chance Contrary). Spinda has also a 1% chance of multiplying any damage by 2x. Not the best Pokémon, but certainly interesting.
  • Coins are half the price in the Game Corner.
  • Stat Reducing Berries now spawn in Route 123 (They will be there only if you start a new game, as they are set during it. You can still obtain them the usual way).
  • Stat Reducing Berries can now be used repeatedly without closing the party menu, and “Use” has been moved as the first option in the bag.
  • Battle Frontier now loads different sets of Pokémon according to the option “Physical / Special Split” (it was loaded in 1.3.4, but now all data has been finished).
  • Debug menu can be enabled by everybody so you can cheat or modify whatever you want. To enable it, just press “SELECT” + “START” inside the options menu and you’ll hear a noise. Pressing “START” to open the menu from that moment will show a “DEBUG” option at the bottom. It can also be opened with “R” + “START”. Be careful, using certain options can break your save so I’m not responsible for any misuse.


  • Regidolls can be obtained from the Mauville Game Corner.
  • The “Solid Board” can be bought in Lilycove without the Rooftop sale, and during the Rooftop sale, you can buy the Blue and Red tent.
  • Wally now appears in the tutorial even if you skip it.
  • New option at the start of the game: Infinite TMs. Now you can select if you want them or not. Move tutors are one use again if you turn off Infinite TMs.
  • New option at the start of the game: Survive poison. If you select it, you’ll survive poison with 1HP like Gen IV onwards.
  • New option at the start of the game: Easy Feebas. If you select it, Feebas will appear 5% of the time in any tile on Route 119.
  • New option in the options menu (no new game required): Surf Music, Bike Music and Even faster Joy (for those who cannot wait).
  • While playing in HARD, EXP. SHARE (GEN IV) will divide the Battling Pokémon EXP., so it’s not as easy to over-level enemies. EASY and NORMAL are unaffected and work exactly like GEN VI. EASY / NORMAL: 100% exp. for the battling mon, 50% for the rest. HARD: 75% exp. for the battling mon, 50% for the rest.
  • Regieleki, Regidrago and Arceus have 3 new abilities. Transistor and Dragon’s Maw boost Electric and Dragon moves by 50%, and Multitype for Arceus works the following way:
  • Arceus has been massively buffed and it’s probably broken. It’s the last Pkm you’ll probably obtain, it’s fine.
  • Battle facilities now load 2 different versions of Pokémon: one adjusted with the Physical / Special split and one that is not adjusted to the split. It’s still a work in progress and it’s not finished.
  • Carvanha and Sharpedo now hold Red Parts.
  • Buffs and nerfs for many Pokémon. Notable ones: Sunflora has the default Sp. Atk and other stats have been boosted, Regidrago is not as broken with Dragon’s Maw.
  • Buffs for some moves: Charge now up Sp. Def like in later gens, Poison Jab was added to some Pokémon.

  • Probably a lot, most important ones are Eevee having Fairy Moves, Fury Cutter not doing 640 damage after 5 turns (lol), lighting fixes and probably more.


  • Fixed Suicune not appearing after defeating Lugia.
  • You can buy “EXP. SHARE S” at the Slateport Mart AFTER obtaining the “EXP. SHARE” item at Devon Corp. Works just like Gen 3 Exp. share, it’s a hold item.
  • Fairy Gem added to boost Fairy Type moves. Current only hold by Azurrill, will be obtained in the overworld next update.


New stuff:

  • A new option called “Player IVs” has been added to the Challenges menu at the start of the game. All Pokémon caught will have 31 IVs in all 6 stats. It applies also to in-game trades, bred Pokémon and Wonder-traded Pokémon. With this option, together with “Trainer IVs” set to “Hard”, you can remove IVs completely from the game which can be fun for some people. Or not, maybe you want an easier run.
  • Night backgrounds to all terrains (from 21:00 to 6:00).
  • Battling in the Battle Frontier will not show the Experience bar (it bothered me a lot).
  • The move Earth Power has been added to help Pokémon that use more Special Ground moves.
  • Moonblast and Play Rought have been added and Covet and Hyper Voice are Normal Type again.
  • The Celebi event has new and improved dialogues, as the ones that were used were from the very first implementation.
  • Entering a battle will show a prompt to instantly run with L + R.
  • The Summary Screen now shows a prompt for showing EVs and IVs with L and R.
  • The bag now shows a prompt for sorting the items in the bag by pressing START.
  • The party menu now shows a prompt for Switching Pokémon by pressing SELECT.


  • Exp. Catch code has been updated again. Fixes learning a move while levelling up after a catch showing the just caught Pokémon.
  • Deoxys has Pokédex number 386 in all four forms.
  • Cut HM is… Green!
  • Azurill has the correct gender percentage. This bug is from vanilla.
  • The new Pokédex can now search Fairy Types.
  • Five Pokémon (Slaking, Kingdra, Milotic, Whiscash and Dusknoir) will not show their hidden, second ability in the new Pokédex. These secondary abilities cannot be obtained by the player, and only select trainers can use them while playing only in HARD difficulty.
  • L + R does not guarantee running from a Pokémon anymore (it was 100% before)

Buffs / Nerfs:

  • Gulpin and Swalot are now Poison / Normal, and now Swalot can learn Recover.
  • Castform can learn… Tri-Attack!
  • Grumpig has had its level-up moves changed quite a bit. Only additions, no removals.
  • Typhlosion is again Fire / Ground and has had quite a lot of new move additions.
  • Bubble is now 30 damage, and Uproar 70.
  • Lots of Pokémon now have Earth Power.
  • Some Pokémon have been reverse nerfed as they didn’t need any buff. Nothing exceptional, you probably won’t notice it.


  • Fixed the EXP. per catch code (thanks Lunos for his code and quick fix, and SPazzzi95 for finding a bug that has been around that code for like 2 years lol ). The sound still loops 2 times, but it’s not a big deal.
  • Fixed Swapping moves in battle with Physical / Special Split option disabled showing garbage graphics. Thanks SPazzzi95 again.
  • Re-added some Pokémon to their original encounter zones with the option “Modern Spawns” enabled. If you see other Pokémon that should be there just like the Original Emerald but for some reason they are not showing up after many many tries, please report it to me. Seedot in Route 102 now has again a 1%, removed Eevee from Route 103 and added Poliwag and Hoppip, Re-added Oddish and Gloom to many routes that I deleted them in.
  • Extra buffs and moves for Slugma and Magcargo so they are not as bad.
  • Fixed 2 follower sprites (Charizard and Annihilape).

1.3 (Biggest update!)

IMPORTANT! 1.3 version requires a new game, and there is no way to carry on previous progress. You can connect version 1.2 with 1.3 and transfer your Pokémon.

New Stuff

  • Introducing Pokémon Followers! Everybody knows about them, and now they are available.
  • 3 new Pokémon. Annihilape, Dudunsparce and Farigiraf! They come with hand-made animations and followers.
  • Modern Battle Frontier! Your Pokémon will be limited to level 50 during the facility challenges! Also includes battle tents.
  • Modern Trainer Hill! Your Pokémon will be limited to level 50 during the facility challenges!
  • Night encounters! Certain Pokémon will have a higher rate of appearing at night. For example, Ralts are easier to catch at night.
  • Introducing Modern Spawns! Optional, you can now capture the 423 new Pokémon available. Only changes wild Pokémon, not trainers. If you don’t like it, you can have the original spawns. Modern Spawns have also a Night encounter version for each route, making certain Pokémon night exclusive.
  • Item drops! Optionally, wild Pokémon will drop their item instead of having to capture or use Thief them to obtain the item. Quite useful, if you ask me.
  • The options menu has 2 pages, with new customizable options: Difficulty, Pokémon Followers, Big Followers, Autorun, Physical / Special Split, Fast Intro in battles, Fast Battles, Easier Fishing, Match Calls, and Show type effective in combat.
  • The Challenges menu shown at the start has many new options: Locking difficulty to the chosen one during the Birch Speech, Modern Spawns, Shiny Chance and Item drops.
  • Shiny Chance goes from 8192 (default) to 512 (Very high). Have fun!
  • New lighting system! Window and certain objects will shine during nighttime! Looks great!
  • Kanto fossils can now be found in 3 different caves and can be resurrected in Rustboro City.
  • Pressing start while selecting a move will now open a Submenu showing information about the selected move.
  • You can now register 2 key items: Pressing (as usual) and holding SELECT!
  • All the gym leaders, Elite Four, the 2 champions, Wally, Magma / Aqua leaders, and Red and Leaf will appear during the Battle Frontier challenges.
  • New Pokédex! You can now see important information on the new “Stats” page. It’s very, VERY useful and it’s like having the game documentation in-game.

Improvements / Changes:

  • Regidrago and Regieleki now have a sprite animation made by me!
  • 9 new moves from Gen IV to buff certain typings that didn’t have Physical / Special moves (Dark Pulse, Psycho Cut, Flash Cannon, Power Gem, Shadow Claw, Air Slash, Bug buzz, Dragon pulse and Focus blast).
  • You cannot change Difficulty or Gamemode in Birch’s Lab anymore because of the above change. It’s a positive change.
  • Day and Night system updated! Now it looks better, but it doesn’t work in combat.
  • Hidden Power is now 60 DMG always, and you can see its type in the summary screen and battle.
  • Physical / Special icons are only shown if you have them enabled in the options menu.
  • The Physical / Special icons are now shown in the summary screen if you have the option enabled.
  • Bag capacity has been increased to 90 items, and you can now hold x999 of each item.
  • Gym rematches have been slightly tweaked so they all have, more or less, the same difficulty, and their difficulty has also increased.
  • Elite Four rematches are now double battles.
  • Lots of Pokémon buffs and changes! Use my personal document to see them all.
  • Battle Frontier buffs and changes!
  • Removed the “registered in Pokédex” screen after catching the first species of a Pokémon to speed up battles.
  • Shortened even more HM field animations, including Sweet Scent, Dig, Secret Power, etc.
  • Ingame trade Porygon is now a Chingling.
  • All overworld Pokémon have a new sprite.
  • Removed the Battle Frontier island that was located in the East.


  • Pokédex height comparison now works with the newly added Pokémon.
  • Tons of bug fixes! Includes being able to rematch Steven, text fixes and many, many others.


  • Shortened HM field animations. Cut, Rock Smash, and Strength are way shorter, and Surf, Dive, Waterfall and Fly had the horizontal bar animation removed. No HM asks “Do you want to use [HM]?” anymore.
  • Autorun implemented. Can be enabled or disabled from the options menu.
  • Added version identification to the title screen.


  • Pokémon now inherit 5 IV’s from their parents. This was a planned feature, but I forgot to add it. No item needed.


  • Gym rematches are easier to trigger. After 10 wild battles or 5 trainer battles, there is a 50% chance of getting a rematch.
  • Match calls can be turned on / off. Go to POKéNAV –> CONDITION –> ALLOW MATCH CALL.
  • EXP. SHARE messages have been reduced.
  • Skarmory can now learn Swords Dance via Move Tutor. If you see move pools mistakes, let me know!!


  • Ruby / Sapphire exclusives added to their respective areas.


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