Pokemon Parallel Emerald Changelog

Pokemon Parallel Emerald Changelog

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Pokemon Parallel Emerald Changelog from v0.1 to v0.2.5:

  • Content up to and including Gym 5
    • 3 new Gyms
    • one completely new island to visit from Slateport City
    • more Route bosses and rival battles
    • Towns/Cities and Routes redesigned
    • and much more
  • Drifblim Pass: Use Fly from Menu to fast travel anytime you want (obtained with running shoes)
  • Change PokéBall for your Pokémon at will from your Bag by using the desired PokéBall on the desired Pokémon
  • Change Time of Day at will by interacting with the wall clock in your room
  • Game Corner with all starters as well as selected regional variants/rare Pokémon
  • Rare Candy rework: To give the player early access (right after Gym 2 in marts) to rare candies while maintaining balanced gameplay, the useability of rare candies has been adjusted.
    The only purpose of rare candies should be to level up weaker Pokémon to your current team level. You should not use rare candies to level up all team members to the current level cap, as soon as you have the chance to do so, as it ruins the feeling of progression. That is why rare candies will only work on Pokémon that are below the level of the highest-level Pokémon in your party.
  • Berries are actually good now: Many Berries that usually fall under the radar because they are so weak, have doubled in power. Take a look in the Balance Changes Doc!
  • Hail Buff: Ice types now receive a general x1.3 damage buff while hail is active
  • Fishing Rod now always catches a Pokémon
  • Bag, Summary Screen and Battle Interface redesigned
  • Text Speed adjustable from fast to extremely fast
  • Major AI improvements:
    • AI now retains information about revealed abilities 
    • AI should no longer make switches into obvious super effective STAB 
    • AI correctly handles Inverted Scales 
    • AI and Illusion interaction fixed
  • Early Routes and Encounters redesigned
  • Rebalanced early game to make it less frustrating
  • Move Tutors completely reworked
  • Bug/Issue fixes:
    • Game no longer freezes when learning TMs under specific conditions
    • AI can longer switch infinitely (this happened only in rare occasions anyway)
    • AI can now steal items with thief
    • No more floating text boxes
    • Resist Berries now work with Inverted Scales
    • TMs can no longer be sold
    • Added remaining Hisui sprites
    • Trainers no longer use any healing items
    • Changing the nature does not randomly change gender anymore
    • Minor mapping/scripting fixes

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