Pokemon GS Chronicles Changelog

Pokemon GS Chronicles Changelog

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Pokemon GS Chronicles Changelog

Beta 2.7

  • New content
  • Regional forms added
  • Completely rebalanced meta game (including type changes, ability, and move updates)
  • Completely redone encounters
  • Tons of QoL updates
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • The CFRU Engine has been updated from 2020 to 2023, so most of the new CFRU features are in!

Beta 2.6 – Build  2012072_13

What’s new in build 2012072_13?

  • Added the Week siblings that this time will give you an Apricorn as a reward. Like in vanilla HGSS they appear in a specific day of the week around Johto
  • Kurt now makes Poké Balls in exchange of Apricorns (So far he only makes one Poké Ball a day)

Bugs fixed in build 2012072_13:

[FIXED] Silver Walking over a plant in Goldenrod Tower

[FIXED] Incorrect text from Gym statues

[FIXED] Pokémon Center from Blackthorn City breaking the game

[FIXED] Incorrect warp permissions from Whirl Islands stairs

[FIXED] Duplicated TM found in Rocket Basement

[FIXED] Game breaking when entering to Cianwood gate to Route 48

[FIXED] Karate King giving you infinite Tyrogue

[FIXED] Pokéball in Rocket Basement disappearing after being defeated by the Rocket Admin

[FIXED] Dazzling Gleam duplicated

[FIXED] Whitney acting like defeated when talking the first time

[FIXED] Incorrect tile permissions reported

[FIXED] Machoke acting as Machop in Route 38 gate

[FIXED] Nincada found in Waters from Union Cave

[FIXED] Day-care crashing when taking back a Pokémon (Thanks to Anon822)

[FIXED] Incorrect tree graphics shown in Mahogany Town

[FIXED] Incorrect collisions of player’s bed

[FIXED] Duplicated TMs that are already sold in the Goldenrod Mart

[FIXED] Incorrect location shown at Route 48 PC

[FIXED] Route 47 gate guard with no event assigned

[FIXED] Incorrect tiles from Moo-moo farms

[FIXED] Incorrect items name listed for some items

[FIXED] Rival battling you in an incorrect position

[FIXED] Ace trainer blocking the Blackthorn entrance

[FIXED] First Pokémon league event not starting in some rare cases

[FIXED] Game crashing after receiving Cascade Ride and trying to get into Route 47 gate again

[FIXED] Grammar and misspelling issues reported by members of my Discord Server

Beta 2.6 – Build  2011272_11

What’s new in build 2011272_11?

  • Nothing new so far.

Bugs fixed in build 2011272_11:

[FIXED] Boulder at Mt. Mortar moving just 1 tile up

[FIXED] Trainers from Union Cave acting as Channelers

[FIXED] Hiker form Route 46 acting as it was defeated already

[FIXED] Fairy-type Pokémon not compatible with Bright Ride

[FIXED] Blank Dar Cave signpost

[FIXED] Bug Catching contest and haircut man working just once

[FIXED] Cianwood city Pokémon center warp

[FIXED] Game freezing when fighting rival in Cherrygrove City in a specific tile.

[FIXED] wrong tile in the Day care from Route 34

[FIXED] Wrong Dex entries from caught Hoenn Pokémon

[FIXED] Route 48 Pokémon Center crashing

[FIXED] Route 40 Blank signpost

[FIXED] Poké Dude dialogue going through the text box

[FIXED] Broken tiles in the Moo-moo farm

[FIXED] Incorrect tile permission in little pond form Violet City

[FIXED] Route 43 Gate not allowing you to go out

[FIXED] Goldenrod Sewers incorrect tile permissions

[FIXED] Route 43 incorrect tile permissions

[FIXED] Misplaced TM Poké Ball at Route 38

[FIXED] Heavy Ride not working

[FIXED] Ecruteak Shrine incorrect tile permissions

[FIXED] Some Pokémon not evolving with their holding item like Electabuzz, Sneasel or Dusclops

[FIXED] Incorrect items received from the Lake of Rage man who trades Heart Scales

[FIXED] Eggs given by the Day-Care man hatching to random Pokémon

[FIXED] Game crashing when Day-Care lady giving your Pokémon back

[FIXED] Magneton and Nosepass not evolving correctly at Mt. Mortar

[FIXED] Money box not closing when talking to the Hair cut man at Goldenrod underground

[FIXED] Froslass trying to Mega Evolve during the 7th Gym Battle

[FIXED] Falkner shown as a black sprite

[FIXED] EV reducing berries not working

[FIXED] Fisherman not giving you the Good Rod

[FIXED] Smashable rock from Ruins of Alph doing nothing when interacting with it

[FIXED] General black screen softlock when losing a battle or being taken to a wrong location

[FIXED] Ditto, Exeggute and Ditto holding a Sapphire when after being caught.

[FIXED] Incorrect Flight position in New Bark Town

[FIXED] Npc misplaced in Azalea’s Mart

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