Pokemon Cloud White 2

Pokemon Cloud White 2

Download Patched Pokemon Cloud White 2 GBA Rom

  • Creator: Shogun
  • Version: v279
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: March 24, 2020

In Pokemon Cloud White 2, the scenario starts after the last event of Pokémon Cloud White. Be prepared to discover 3 new regions: South Sinnoh, Sinnoh, and Hoenn


The Cloud White 2 is another good Cloud White version from the Cloud White series. If you thought the original Pokemon Cloud White was fantastic, there’s no reason to dismiss this version. Cloud White 2 follows the events of Pokemon Cloud White and takes place in the South Sinnoh, Sinnoh, and Hoenn regions.

Cloud White 2 will blow your mind with its incredible features, allowing you to meet all Pokemon from Generations 1 to 7. Have you heard of the terms primal reversion and mega evolution? Fortunately, you can enjoy these features in the game, though they are only available in newer Pokemon game versions. But wait, there’s more: fake mega evolutions exist.

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  • 3 Regions: Sinnoh, South Sinnoh, and Sevii
  • 35 hours of gameplay
  • All Pokémon from Gen 1 to 7
  • All Primal Reversions and Mega Evolutions
  • Day & Night system
  • BW Repel System
  • 6th Gen EXP. catch system
  • New trainer sprites
  • Dollsteak patch
  • Berry & Honey trees
  • Customizable House

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