Pokemon Supreme Fire (Final Remake)

Pokemon Supreme Fire (Final Remake)

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Supreme Fire Final Remake GBA Rom

  • Creator: Calistrotic22
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: January 13, 2021

I’m sure you already heard of Pokemon Supreme Fire when it first came out on Reddit. It is an Original Fire Red game with a little twist here and there. So because I am making the sequel game for this RomHack, I’m finding ways to make this one more updated so that people know what to expect for the sequel.

Back then people say that the level curve is too much, so I fixed that in the remake. Can you beat the game easily though? I still doubt it!
This hack was made when I was a kid, a few years ago, so pardon the bad grammar. You don’t have to read it though, cause the story will be the same.

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The Goal of the Hack (Author’s Words)

So these are the main points that I need everyone to understand about this RomHack. This is My take on the Pokemon Game. The concept, the typing changes, and the niche, it is all new to the game and it is for everyone to explore. I feel a lot of hacks is just the same with different stories or more updated features or different map palette. I want to give my romhack idea to go in another direction. So this is why I am making it in a firered Base story.

  • Different starters than normal, with a very strong BST change for each. (because it is not the original FireRed, do not underestimate any of the starters.)
  • Every Pokemon in the game will have their BST change
  • Niches for each type will be implemented (if you download the file you will know what are the changes)
  • Harder major battles
  • Because of the Niche, the Weakness/Resist will also change.
  • Weakness/Resist is not meant to make sense. It is meant to balance the game so all Pokemon are viable.
  • Some credited battles in the Altering Cave Post-game after defeating the Elite 4 the second time.
  • Post-game (after fulfilling 60 Pokedex) is when battles start to get hard.
  • In case you forget it already, again, Thisismytakeon the Pokemon Game
  • This is a big deal for me and that is actually having 100EV for 5 stats instead of dumping all 252 in 1.


  • New Starters: Ekans, Machop, and Abra
  • Starters have stronger total BST than other Pokemon
  • Total BST changes for all Pokemon in-game
  • Some ability change
  • Pokemon typing change
  • Harder Major Battles
  • Much Harder Post-Game (after 60 dex entries) Battles
  • Critical Hit Update
  • Infinite TM
  • Delete-able HM
  • Rough-skin Update
  • Running Shoes Indoor
  • Physical/Special Split
  • Catch Pokemon Exp Gain
  • nature color stat
  • IV display
  • Poison Survival
  • BW repel system
  • B2w@ music inserted
  • Safari Pokemon Won’t Run Away
  • Infinite Safari time
  • Burn Damage Update
  • paralysis update
  • TM/HM animation skip
  • Force SET battle
  • Force FAST text speed
  • Mew Y and Deocys will obey
  • No more healing items during battle
  • Pokemon will disobey at this level:- 30 (no badge), 50 (2 badges), 75 (4 badges), 90(6 badges)
  • Level Revised
  • Updated Cries
  • Move Relearner will be in Cerulean City
  • Improved Major Battles AI
  • Not much need for HM but in some places only. REMEMBER HMs ARE DELETABLE NOW!
  • Can’t EV train but will be able to use Vitamins which will be cheap.

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