Pokemon Eris Emerald

Pokemon Eris Emerald GBA ROM

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Eris Emerald GBA ROM

  • Creator: Teon
  • Version: Beta 0.3.1
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: July 24, 2022

Pokemon Eris Emerald is a GBA ROM Hack by Teon based on Pokemon Fire Red. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on Jule 24, 2022.

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This hack includes a unique type randomizer that allows individual Pokemon of the same species to have their own typing. It also changes the Pokémon’s colors to match your typing. However, this is unfinished at the moment as I need to specify each Pokémon’s primary and secondary colors to make it work.


  • Adjusted palette shift algorithm.
  • Improved how placeholder moves are implemented.
  • Palette change implemented for more Pokémon.
  • More placeholder moves are implemented.
  • Other small improvements.

Quality of life Changes

  • Added the ability to use HM Field Moves without the need to teach it.
  • Updated system for losing money in battles to match newer games.
  • Running shoes are now present at the start.
  • Gen 6 Exp. Share (given when running shoes would normally be given away).
  • Linking Cord item to evolve Pokémon as an alternative to trading.
  • Items saved for trade evolutions are no longer consumed in the evolution.
  • Thief will now place items directly in the bag for wild battles.
  • Added color indicator of movement type effectiveness in battle.
  • No more fainting in the overworld from poison.
  • Evolution items and competitive items are purchasable in the department store.
  • PokéMart inventories based on gym badges.
  • Reusable TMs.
  • Modern repellent system.
  • More pockets for bags.


Pokemon Eris Emerald GBA