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Pokémon Fire Red Kai has been updated to its currently finished state, and renamed to Fire Red Plus! It is an improved version of Pokemon Fire Red. The goal of this project is to improve and re-balance the game, without significantly altering the original experience or the original flavor of the Kanto remakes. If you’re looking for Pokemon Fire Red Plus Pokemon Changes then we’ve got you covered!

Pokemon Fire Red Plus Other Relevant Information

The Magikarp you receive in Route 4 is now level 10.
The Eevee you receive in Celadon City is now level 30.
The Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee you receive in the Fighting Dojo are now level 35.
The Fossil Pokémon are now all revived at level 40.
The Move Reminder has been moved to Fuchsia City, in the same house as the Move Deleter.
The Fishermen who give you the Good Rod and the Super Rod in Fuchsia City and Route 12 have been swapped with eachother.
The chance for any wild Pokémon to hold their rarer item slot has been increased from 5% to 10%.
HM moves can be forgotten at any moment.
TMs are now re-usable.
Move Tutors are now re-usable.
The Move Tutors for Mimic and Soft-boiled have been removed.
Three Move Tutors, each teaching one of Thunder Punch, Ice Punch and Fire Punch, can now be found in the Move Reminder’s house in Two Island.
The Underground Path trade now gives Tyrogue in exchange for Clefairy.
The Route 11 trade now gives Tangela in exchange for Venonat.
The Route 18 trade now gives Chansey in exchange for Lickitung.
The Cinnabar Lab trade now gives Lapras in exchange for Raichu.
The second Cinnabar Lab trade now gives Seadra in exchange for Haunter.
The third Cinnabar Lab trade now gives Scyther in exchange for Rapidash.

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