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Pokémon Fire Red Kai has been updated to its currently finished state, and renamed to Fire Red Plus! It is an improved version of Pokemon Fire Red. The goal of this project is to improve and re-balance the game, without significantly altering the original experience or the original flavor of the Kanto remakes. If you’re looking for Pokemon Fire Red Plus Move Changes then we’ve got you covered!

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Pokemon Fire Red Plus Move Changes

MoveNew BPNew AccuracyNew Effect
Double Slap2095%
Comet Punch2595%
Pay Day60
Razor WindOne-turn move
Rolling Kick100%
Fury Attack2095%
Take Down90%
Poison Sting50
Mega Drain60
SelfdestructBP remains 400
Egg Bomb90%
Spike Cannon30
Poison Gas75%
ExplosionBP remains 500
Fury Swipes2095%
Triple Kick20100%
Flame Wheel75
Faint Attack75

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Giga Drain8010 PP
Dragon Breath75
Iron Tail85%
Ancient Power8010 PP
Rock Smash60
Crush Claw90
Silver Wind8010 PP
Shadow Punch80
Aerial Ace75
Poison Tail65
Dragon Rage50No longer a fixed damage move
Rock Slide80
Sky Attack120One-turn move, no longer has high crit chance or a chance to flinch
Poison Fang75
!Air Slash80

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