Pokemon Kanto Complete Legendary Locations

Pokemon Kanto Complete Legendary Locations
  • Creator: PurpleSpectre
  • Version: Final
  • Language: English

If you’re looking for Pokemon Kanto Complete Legendary Locations, we’ve got you covered!

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Pokemon Kanto Complete Legendary Pokemon Locations

  • Legendary birds: regular in-game encounter
  • Mewtwo: regular in-game encounter
  • Mew: Mew truck–SS Anne
  • Legendary beasts: Navel Rock, overworld sprite encounter (West corridor ladder)
  • Tower duo: regular in-game encounter (event tickets available in Vermilion City Poké Center post-game)
  • Celebi: Viridian Forest shrine encounter when holding the GS Ball (gifted in Viridian City Poké Center as champion)
  • Legendary giants: random wild Pokémon encounters in Kanto caves
    • Regirock: Victory Road
    • Registeel: Pokémon Mansion
    • Regice: Seafoam Islands
  • Eon duo: Navel Rock, random wild Pokémon encounter (East corridor ladder)
  • Super-ancient Pokémon:
    • Kyogre: Trainer Tower sea cave encounter
    • Groudon: MT Silver interior chamber encounter
    • Rayquaza: Sky Pillar via Route 21 (after Sevii Islands story arc)
  • Jirachi: Dark Grove, hiding in a small tree
  • Deoxys: regular in-game encounter

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