Pokemon Elysium Guidelines and Puzzle Solutions

Pokemon Elysium Guidelines and Puzzle Solutions
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If you’re looking for Pokemon Elysium Guidelines and Puzzle Solutions, we’ve got you covered!

Pokemon Elysium – Guidelines and Puzzle Solutions v1.0.3

September 2023 – This page will be updated regularly based on player feedback.

//—-Main Story Spoilers about how to proceed in some points where it’s not obvious:——

Part A

  • Chapter 2: To get inside the OLD AMBER’s cave, a quicksand nearby will lead you to an undeground chamber rather than rescued and brought back to Porta Arkasia.
  • Chapter 2: After obtaining the 5th badge, you may want to explore behind Porta Arkasia’s Lab.
  • Chapter 2: Once you reach Alabasta City, a specific individual in the city’s restaurant/saloon can grant you access to the port.
  • Chapter 2: If you find yourself back in Alabasta City, you can return to Amira Islands by interacting with the ship that originally brought you there.
  • Chapter 3: Master Hajan is hiding inside of a building in the western part of the Monastery.
  • Chapter 3: After obtaining the 7th badge, you can access the second floor of Town CHIONA’s PokeCenter.
  • Chapter 3: In Castle Houndbourg’s Library, interacting with a bookshelf can reveal a secret passage.
  • Chapter 3: To enter Azurea’s City Lighthouse, seek the assistance of a specific individual in village CRAB, north of Route 11.

Part B

  • Chapter 4: On S.S CHALLENGER, going to your bed to sleep at the end of the day will advance the main story.
  • Chapter 4: The ANIN-DINAEN (One or Two) Minigame. Tip: Your goal is to force your opponent to pick from 3 tokens at the end. So after the end of you every turn make sure that the number of tokens on the field is always a multiple of 3, meaning: 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 etc. Take one or two to always leave down these number of tokens. Multiples of 3: 21, 18, 15, 12, 9, 6 and 3 at the end.
  • Chapter 4: In the Shrine with the Chatot that can speak, there’s a small puzzle that can get you out. Inspect the room’s statue to discover that you need a coin, hidden within the shrine’s walls. Examine the inner wall closely, and you’ll notice a spot/crypt where the “::” pattern is damaged and not like the rest of the wall.
    Retrieve the coin from there and place it in the statue. Then, take 8 steps to the right (not 4, as the Enlightened Men’s size was double that of a human), and simply pass through the wall.
  • Chapter 4: CAMP-B Gates: Once you reach there you have to find your Championship opponent. Go back to the checkpoint, you want to look for a hidden cave pathway near that small ladder that seems to lead nowhere.
  • Chapter 4: In President Maximus’ private room, interact with various objects to solve a mini-puzzle and progress.
  • Chapter 4: Within the Hidden Valley’s secret lab, you’ll encounter a puzzle on the first level. To solve it, follow these steps:
    1.Locate the Generator Card in the southeastern part of the level.
    2.Activate the Generator found in the western part of the level through the panel next to it.
    3.In the central room, switch the lights to open the door. Ensure that all 5 sets of lights turn red before use the panel. For a quick solution, toggle the 2nd from the left, the 4th from the left, and then the one in the middle.

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