Pokemon Infinite Fusion Changelog

Pokemon Infinite Fusion Changelog
  • Author: Schrroms
  • Language: English

If you’re looking for Pokemon Infinite Fusion Changelog, we’ve got you covered!

Pokémon Infinite Fusion Version 6.0 Changelog

New Pokemon

  • Added Phantump quest in Goldenrod hotel
  • Added prisms for Necrozma quest in several caves
  • Added postgame Necrozma questline starting at Lavender Tower
  • Added fused Regirock, Regice, Registeel encounters in Sealed chamber
  • Added new underwater temple area to replace the old Regigiagas sealed chamber
  • Added new regi triple fusion
  • Added fossil maniac battle in Saffron City to obtain the Sail or Jaw fossil
  • Added Carvanha quest in Fuchsia hotel
  • Added Oricorio quest in Pewter City
  • Added Stufful static encounter in Saffron city
  • Changed johto daycare-egg to Rockruff
  • Added Rockruff egg in secret garden
  • Added Goomy egg on Route 15
  • Added Noibat egg in Rock Tunnel
  • Added Hawluch egg in Saffron City
  • Added Swablu egg on Route 23
  • Added Snorunt egg in Seafoam Islands
  • Added wild Oricorio encounters in National Park (all forms)
  • Added wild Oricorio encounters in Sevii Island (different form for each island)
  • Added wild Venipede/Whirlipede encounters in Safari Zone (night)
  • Added wild Carvanha encounter in Safari Zone
  • Added wild Sharpedo encounter in Sevii Islands
  • Added wild Phantump encounter in Ilex Forest
  • Added wild Cacnea encounter in Safari Zone
  • Added wild Sableye encounter to Mt. Moon and Rock Tunnel
  • Added wild Mareanie encounter in Chrono Island (fishing)
  • Added wild encounters for ice cavern (Swinub, Piloswine, Snorunt, Glalie)
  • Added possible Sableye encounter in waterfall cave
  • Added ice puzzle in Ice mountains cave with Froslass static encounter
  • Added basement to Brine road sunken ship with static Dhelmise encounter
  • Added random Trubbish encounters when checking trashcans
  • Added random Sandygast encounters when destroying sandcastles
  • Added Sail Fossil and Jaw Fossil to possible rock smash items


  • Improved loading speed for dynamic version
  • Added message when completing a quest
  • Added basic level caps option


  • All fusion data is now calculated dynamically from the base Pokémon
    (Mostly under the hood stuff. It should function the same as before in-game)
  • Fusion growth rate now uses the lowest of both instead of being harcoded to medium
  • Removed all type exceptions for fusions except for Normal/Flying Pokémon
  • When a Pokemon head’s 1st type is the same as the body’s 2nd type, the fusion will now use the body’s 1st type as its 2nd type instead of becoming mono-type
  • Added music after fusion animation
  • Made it possible to pick whether to evolve the body or head if both can evolve at the same time

Pokedex and Sprites

  • Sprites select page now opens automatically when registering a new Pokemon to the pokedex
  • Pokedex is now shown after fusing, evolving, hatching, and reversing
  • Alt sprites page now opens on the currently selected sprite if it’s been manually selected by the player
  • Added forms sprites select option in Pokedex for Necrozma (and eventual Pokemon with multiple battle forms)
  • Missing base sprites can now get automatically downloaded
  • Repositioned all Pokemon sprites for battles
  • Added shadows to enemy Pokemon in battles
  • Individual Pokemon can now have up to 62 alt sprites


  • Updated Koga’s overworld sprite
  • Changed outside appearance of route 5 daycare
  • Added several missing item icons

Miscellaneous Gameplay

  • Bike is no longer needed for sky pillar
  • Nerfed mankey paw money loop
  • Having a mareanie or toxapex fusion in your team now scares off the corsolas in the Sevii island
  • Jasmine now gives a Mareanie instead of Mareanie doll
  • Added poison jab tm in rock tunnel
  • Added cardboard tyrantrum fight in Goldenrod Mall
  • Added Linking Cord to Radio Tower quiz prizes
  • Strength HM is now obtained directly after waking the Snorlax on Route 12
  • Made Mimikyu’s puzzle more straightforward
  • Removed moves that are no longer unobtainable from special move tutors
  • Made it impossible to go under the bond bridge (was too buggy)
  • Remade the first floor of Seafoam Islands
  • Added Scald TM in Ember Spa
  • Moved network chip item to Treasure Beach in the Sevii islands


  • Fixed head species not being registered in Pokedex after unfusing
  • Fixed rival duplication glitch in Silph Co.
  • Fixed resizing issue causing half pixels in battle sprites
  • Fixed nighttime battle backgrounds not displaying properly
  • Added missing battle transitions for Agatha and Kurt
  • Fixed music not resuming after fusing from the PC
  • Fixed various tiling issues

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