Pokemon Let’s Go Mewtwo

Pokemon Let’s Go Mewtwo

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Let’s Go Mewtwo GBA Rom

  • Creator: Unbeatable Red
  • Version: Completed
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: May 16, 2020

Pokemon Let’s Go Mewtwo is a GBA ROM Hack by Unbeatable Red based on Pokemon Fire Red. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on May 16, 2020.

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The plot follows the same storyline as Generation I, with the player beginning in Pallet Town. After meeting up with Professor Oak while trying to leave for Route 1, both the player and their rival are asked by Oak to choose a starter Pokémon, from the desk near him.

The game has a ton of features that would be enough to keep you busy, for the most part. There’s nothing wrong with simply hacking a game and not being original. It is always the overall impact of the ROM hack which is where Let’s Go Mewtwo can be advantageous and more!


  • Improved outdoor graphics
  • All Pokémon (1500).
  • Dynamax And Gigantamax
  • Randomized
  • Add Fakemon
  • Fusion Pokemon
  • All Alola forms.
  • All Galar Pokemon
  • Two Region
  • All Mega evolutions form.
  • New attacks of 4th and 5th generation.
  • Inclusion of the Fairy type.
  • Division of categories Physical, Special and State of the attacks.
  • Icons and Sprites of the 3ds
  • System of Day and Night.
  • Pokémon B / W Menu Background.
  • Battlebases Nds graphiv
  • Distribute X / Y Experience.
  • System of Mega Evolution.
  • New objects.
  • New Evolutionary Stones.
  • HP Bars changed.
  • Experience when capturing.
  • Survival to poison.
  • Run indoors.
  • You can catch all the Legendary Pokémon.
  • You can get all the initial Pkmn.
  • TM Infinity and without quantity.
  • New TM.
  • New Pokedex with new colors.
  • Battle Text Box changed.
  • Menu Start Box changed.
  • Dialog Text Box changed.
  • New Pokémon Selection Menu.
  • New Pokémon Summary Screen.
  • Repellent System B2 / W2.
  • NDS-style Graphics
  • Capture EXP system
  • Forgettable HMs
  • Ev training routes
  • New Items

About Pokemon FireRed

Pokémon FireRed Version is the 2004 remake of the 1996 Game Boy role-playing video game Pokémon Red. It was created by Game Freak and released for the Game Boy Advance by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo. FireRed debuted in Japan in January 2004, followed by North America and Europe in September 2004. The game is part of the third generation of the Pokémon video game series and is the first improved remake of previous games in the franchise.


Pokemon Let’s Go Mewtwo



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