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Pokemon Tim Documentation

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About the game

Pokemon Tim is a vanilla-ish version of Emerald with new cool tools (Pokemon, Items, Moves, etc.) up to gen 7, that ramps up in difficulty but never gets completely out of hand with some new awkward characters and insiders you won’t understand.

Pokemon Tim Documentation

Item Locations

Evolution Changes

Important Trainer Docs

(Trainers, Rivals, Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Champion, etc.)

Pokemon Tim Features

  • Pokemon, Moves, Items, and Abilities up to Gen 7
  • All wild encounters on all routes and in all areas adjusted and filled with new Pokemon
  • All trainers adjusted (important trainers have no battle items)
  • Trainer/Gym Leader rematches are available
  • Dialogue changes to some important characters. The story stays mostly the same
  • Mega Pokemon
  • Items such as Rare Candies, Sitrus Berries, Heart Scales, Ability Capsules, various newer held items, and more are purchasable
  • Reusable TMs
  • Gen 5 Repel System
  • Shows when abilities are activated in battle and the name of the ability
  • Running indoors
  • Check IVs and EVs by pressing L and R in the stat summary screen. Go back to your stats by pressing START
  • Stats affected by nature are colored. Red -> positive and Blue -> negative

Pokemon Tim Screenshots

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