Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Merchants Versus Pirates Changelog

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Merchants Versus Pirates
  • Author: FunnyKecleonMeme#1075
  • Game Download: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Merchants Versus Pirates
  • Language: English
  • Source: SkyTemple

If you’re looking for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Merchants Versus Pirates Changelog, then we’ve got you covered!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Merchants Versus Pirates Changelog


-Fixed an issue where Dragon Tail would mess with the game’s graphics
-Fixed some potential issues with Stakataka causing the game to crash.



  • Significantly reduced the attacking power of the Ultra Beasts, Porygon-Z and Drifblimb
  • Iron Fist has been removed from Buzzwole, and replaced with Intimidate
  • Download has been removed from Xurkitree, and replaced with Motor Drive
  • Ultra Beasts’ levels have been reduced (70>65, and 75>68) with the exception of Guzzlord
  • Reduction of power in some moves, such as Triple Kick, HiJumpKick, and Discharge
  • Adjusted the enemy AI targeting of moves that hit room-wide, such as Discharge, Earth Power, and Dazzling Gleam, so they only use the moves when 2 tiles away as opposed to room-wide.
  • Revamped the movesets of all characters, as well as giving Ironjaw, Niterfoot, and Merlinus +60HP
  • Ironjaw: Aqua Tail>Waterfall, Bulk up>Swagger, as well as giving Aqua Tail and Crunch more PP
  • Niterfoot: Gunk shot>Sucker Punch, as well as giving Flamethrower more PP
  • Merlinus: Shadow Claw>Thunderbolt
  • Kagero: Received a completely new moveset (Fury Swipes, Icy Wind, Dragon Tail, Teleport), as well as giving base double speed
  • Added monetary value of Grimy Food
  • Revamped Scoring mechanism (refer to “Scoring values.txt” for a breakdown of points), and the in-game tips menu has been adjusted to reflect this
  • Added effects to Wands when they are consumed by moves like Bug Bite and Pluck, such that they induce an effect on the user of the move
  • Added Cartridge screen
  • Added a mechanic, where, if you enter a dungeon and the game detects that you do not have a Reviver seed, one will be added to your inventory, unless the inventory is full
  • Fixed an issue where dungeons would take longer to load (additional 2-3 seconds), making the transition between floors much smoother (thanks Adex)
  • Fixed an issue where the female versions of some Pokemon (ie on even-numbered floors) were significantly weaker than their odd-floor counterparts, as well as having incorrect typing, abilities, etc.
  • Fixed an issue where Poke valued at 3 will spawn in Monster Houses
  • Removed Nonsleeper from the list of IQ skills available to enemies
  • Removed Counter Basher from Necrozma’s IQ skill pool
  • Removed Herobrine


  • Fixed a further softlock which occurs if you lose the final battle against the Pirates
  • Fixed a bug where actors appeared in the Pirates’ credits scene


  • Fixed a softlock which occurs when you lose the final battle against the Pirates
  • Fixed a crash that occurs 1/9 times when looting from either the Merchants or the Pirates, after defeating them
  • Fixed a bug where a specific item is not given to you when you win against the Merchants or Pirates, during the looting cutscene

1.0 (Release)

  • Hack was released for Hackjam3

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