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  • Creator(s): ghoulslash & klemniops
  • Version: v0.3.4
  • Hack of: Emerald
  • Updated: July 25, 2022

Pokemon Voyager is a new Fire Red Hack with a new Region, Mechanics, Graphics, Story, and more features to discover.

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Thousands of years ago, a cataclysmic event upended the majority of the planet’s landmass. Sea levels rose to drastic levels, forcing Pokémon and mankind alike into the formerly high-altitude region of Keplara. Generations later, the region’s ever-growing population would force humanity to encroach upon the feral Pokémon’s territory, increasing tensions across the region. With no other land on Earth to populate, Keplara’s human residents have begun to explore alternatives for human expansion. Some choose to explore the land or sea, but others turn their attention toward the stars and space-faring technology.


You have lived your whole life in Andromeda City, the metropolitan heart of Keplara. Your father works for the Andromeda PD; your mother is the local Antares League, gym leader. Someday you’ll get a Trainer’s License of your own and become a well-regarded Pokémon trainer yourself.

But today is not that day. Instead, today is an exciting day for Andromeda City: your mother’s Antares League gym is moving into the snazziest new digs, all the way up to the top floors of the recently-completed Pokémon community skyscraper! There are still a few things left to move and unpack before the grand opening, but it’s nothing that you and your father can’t handle. What could possibly go wrong?


Note: The most up-to-date list of features can be found here

  • New story
  • New characters
  • Customizable playable character
  • 76 Fakemon scattered throughout the region (game focus and initials)
  • Battle Factory mode: play a challenge with a Pokémon team for hire
  • Contains some original Pokémon scattered throughout the game between the 1st and 8th generation
  • Highly customizable difficulty, randomizers, challenges, and Nuzlocke modes
  • Updated battle engine: using DizzyEgg/RHH’s updated pokeemerald battle engine as a base

Additional Features

  • Character customization – 60 outfits total!
  • Charisma system – certain events have charisma options that change how some NPCs and story events characters interact with you! (NOTE: does not impact plotline)
  • Field moves – HMs can be used by any species with the capability to learn it. Register them to L, R, or Select! Auto-perform field moves!
  • Casino games – Blackjack and Texas hold’em have been added, in addition to a whole suite of casino prize booths!
  • Daily Pokémart specials
  • City maps – help find important landmarks in big cities!
  • Journal and side quest system!
  • Stray overworld Pokémon
  • Alternate forms are instead alternate evolutions with unique names!
  • Mega Infusion – not available yet.
  • Dexnav/Hidden Pokémon – not available yet.
  • Custom Poké Balls! 16 unique balls have been added so far with unique catching bonuses!
  • Critical Capture
  • And a lot of different quality of life changes

Useful Stuff




  • Ice Stones, Dawn Stones, Dusk Stones, and Shiny Stones become available at the Evolutionary Stones warehouse in Sirius Wharf after you’ve obtained your fourth gym badge.
  • You now start with “Awards” in your start menu
  • A repel effectiveness difficulty setting has been added. If you continue a save file, it will be set to its default value
  • You can always increase or decrease the difficulty setting of wild encounters
  • Removed the rock smash rock in the south exit of Centauri City
  • Can no longer have both a type and name challenge active together
  • Friendship effects moved to the Battle Difficulty settings sub-menu. You can now turn off all friendship battle effects
  • New sprites for Totsicle/Frostidon have been included thanks to Big Snort and EnzoDakai!

Bug Fixes

  • The MyBoy emulator freeze when battling with Triton has been fixed!
  • Fixed undefined behavior with struggle bug that was corrupting party data
  • Fixed script issues in Phobos Forest due to Vaileye attacks
  • The new patch will fix fainting sending your Pokemon to the PC if you are not running a nuzlocke mode
  • Fixed Fly usability after Sirius Wharf Team Nova event
  • Fixed the species when attacking a surf taxi pokemon
  • If you over-level enough to defeat Hyperion in the Umbricorp Auditorium, you would eventually get soft-locked in there later. The condition causing the soft-lock is fixed.
  • If playing with “whiteout heals your party” mode, loss in battle now proceeds as though you actually lost (because, of course, you did).
  • It is no longer possible to circumvent battling your rival before Sirius Wharf.
  • You can no longer get soft-locked in Argadnel Lake without Rock Smash
  • Fixed battle X items printing the wrong stat getting raised
  • Fixed incorrect behavior with the Vaileyes and Bloodnauts in Phobos Forest
  • Fixed interactions with the fossils in Sycorax Ruins B2F
  • You can no longer get soft locked in Ascraeus Mons
  • Pokedex flags are no longer reset when submitting a sample to the research lab
  • Several more collision errors have been fixed
  • Several fatal error conditions have been resolved
  • The ability to fly to andromeda horn prematurely should be fixed.
  • Stealth rock type check has been fixed
  • Eggs no longer gain exp from Exp. All
  • Fixed incorrect dexnav search levels
  • Fixed several typos
  • Removed the ledge on Cepheus Pass to prevent getting soft locked before Gym 2
  • Ethers and Elixirs fix the psychic terrain field move PP
  • The AI understands water compaction
  • Fixed dark screen when exiting Pokenav or other menu in certain weathers
  • Fixed the ability to turn on chaos mode during gameplay
  • Fixed auto encounters turning into buggy double battles
  • Fixed missing abilities on eeveelutions, weavile
  • Fixed archiglooms not moving after engage option
  • Fixed abilities triggering from and on fainted pokemon
  • Fixed Klemniops NPC
  • Fixed internal error picking up sycorax ruins B1F item with pytheas as a follower
  • Can no longer fast travel during Nova Seige event
  • Add dialogue to Carina Labs Rehab NPCs
  • Fixed dialogue from research hint NPC
  • Fixed hidden power type icon crashing game
  • Fixed ligeia village expansion project quest internal error
  • Fixed casino 2nd floor slot machine
  • Fixed Resolute Ruby palette issues
  • Sarphon/Aerophagus can learn Will O Wisp by TM
  • Fixed Sirius Wharf School Question 3 answer
  • Fixed Dig/Escape Rope in Tharsis Terra caves
  • Fixed item randomizers preventing move relearner from accepting heart scales / moon muffin quest
  • Fixed pokedex registration glitchy screen
  • MegaPlex Cafe NPC turns to face you
  • Kraken Bridge Sandaconda now Silicobra


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed many collision errors and tile graphics problems
  • Fixed Sol City school staircase script hang
  • Removed Flairdries test script
  • Fixed option menu forced option bug.
  • Fixed selecting “Add to party” with 6 pokemon in auto encounters
  • Fixed issue preventing increasing difficulty on new game menu.
  • Fixed Sol City trainer school question 2
  • Fix getting security called on you in andromeda offices
  • Fixed Yawn corrupting party member
  • Fixed premature surf taxi and bad tiles in the southwest bridge in andromeda villa
  • Prevent early access to lynx road via surf taxi
  • Some other minor tweaks


Story Updates

  • The main story has been completed up through Gym 5!
  • The order in which the player receives the Exp. All and Exp Share have been swapped.
  • The Centauri City Team Nova event is slightly tweaked.
  • The Sirius Wharf Team Nova event has been granted a much more interesting finale.
  • “Undiscovered Pokemon” have been weaved into existing story encounters.

Game Updates

  • EV/IV values in the summary screen must be unlocked from the Raising Your Team side quest.
  • New fire starter! Shleepy (credit to Artsy for the concept) has replaced Nemelt. Don’t worry though, you can still find Nemelt in Mt. Tvashtar!
  • Several fakemon sprites, including the starters, have been redesigned! Huge thanks to our sprite artists for their work 
  • This version is sporting a new Pokedex! Several new info screens have been added with more information to be found about each species. The new pages include: info, area, stats, learnsets, ability discs, and evolution info.
  • The way that battle experience is distributed has been changed. You can read about this in the features guide. The main story’s level curve has been adjusted to account for these changes.
  • A new item description bar has been added!
  • A fresh new overworld tileset has been implemented! Thanks to Jaizu for creating new tiles based on work from TheDeadHeroAlistair, Javs, and Zeo.
  • The Egg Move Tutor’s cost is now reduced as a function of the number of Gym Badges (credit to Tardysoap for the idea)
  • The daycare is now accessible in Carina Outpost. The daycare mechanics have also been updated thanks to ExpoSpeed.
  • Pokemon Research! In this release, you will encounter Pokemon that your Pokedex cannot recognize, and have the option to perform research to learn more about them!
  • Egg hatching speed is increased PER Pokemon in your party that can learn Flame Body, Flash Fire, Magma Armor, Steam Engine, Magma Surge, or Calderize via Ability Discs.
  • Increased Egg shiny rate for each parent with Super Luck

New Features

  • Ability Tutor Discs! Teach your Pokemon new abilities from these single-use items.
  • Base Stat randomizer. In chaos mode, each stat is individually randomized between 20 and 120, but otherwise, the base stat total of your Pokemon will remain roughly the same.
  • Item Randomizer, which will randomize all items except key items, TMs, and Ability Discs
  • A Name challenge mode is implemented where you can only obtain Pokemon whose name starts with a set of letters!
  • The commonly-used species clause Nuzlocke rule has been added! With this clause, repeat encounters with Pokemon from the same evolutionary line do not count for the Nuzlocke challenge, and also may not be caught! This clause is turned on by default in Nuzlocke challenges, but can be turned off from the custom difficulty settings menu before beginning your playthrough.
  • A new Pokedex identification system has been implemented for flavor (and maybe some other reason)!
  • A new way to find hidden items has been implemented! Use Electric Terrain on the field to generate a signal to the closest hidden item!

Battle Engine Updates

  • Faster battles! The intro slide-in speed has been increased (with a configurable option), in addition to effect animations (stat changes, etc) running at the same time as the associated string is printed.
  • SoS Battles have been added! some totem-boosted Pokemon will call allies, and you can use Adrenaline Orbs to encourage wild Pokemon to call for help! SoS Pokemon will have increased chances of hidden abilities, shininess, and a higher number of perfect IVs.
  • Morbid Terrain’s effect has been changed to double negative stat changes.
  • More Gen 8 abilities are added such as Mirror Armor, Neutralizing Gas, and more!
  • Some vanilla move effects have been added in such as Sky Drop.
  • Some more custom moves such as Jettison, Drag to the Void, and more have been added
  • Press B on the “What will Pokémon do?” menu during wild battles to move the cursor to run. Credit to Deokishisu.
  • The Frozen status effect has been updated to LOA’s Frostbite effect. This is a special-attack analog of Burn. More details on frostbite can be found in the battle engine guide

Quality-of-Life Changes

  • In the Pokemon customization window at the casino, you can increase EVs by increments of 40 using the L and R buttons
  • Some of the ice puzzles around Enceladus Cavern have been given an “easy puzzle” configuration.
  • Cepheus Pass has been more streamlined to help the player find where to go.
  • Pressing START in the pokenav region map will return the cursor to the player’s position
  • Field Moves with an interaction script are removed from the party menu.
  • Under certain challenge mode conditions, unlocked field moves can be used by any party member to prevent soft-locking
  • Newly added bag pocket indicators!

Bug Fixes

  • Many quality of life and minor bug fixes
  • Menace has been fixed
  • Several text issues have been fixed
  • The species and move randomizers have been fixed


Pokemon Voyager GBA
Pokemon Voyager GBA


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