Pokemon Wally Quest Story Points

Pokemon Wally Quest Story Points

If you’re looking for Pokemon Wally Quest Story Points we’ve got you covered!

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Pokemon Wally Quest Story Points

In case you’re stuck, from the feedback I’ve realized several things are unclear from a player’s perspective


The pre-game story should be linear to follow from the NPCs’ dialogue.

Granite Cave: B1F and B2F are unlocked after the quake
Cozmo: He runs to the upper left room of Meteor Falls
After Mt Pyre Summit: Go to Lavaridge Pokemon Center and talk to Sidney
After Archie escapes with the submarine: Talk to the grunts blocking the Aqua Hideout

Ability changer: This is a Devon scientist working on a dream device. After the 5th badge, you can select a Pokemon to dream, and the Pokemon’s ability will “cycle” to the next ability.


–Delta Episode (post-game)–

1. After beating the E4 for the first time, go home and watch the news.
2. Go to Devon Corps and accept the mission
3. Steven will call you after the events, go to his house
4. Go to Sky Pillar and talk to Rayquaza
–The boss will have +6 in all stats the first battle. If you lose, it will have +2 in Atk, SpA and Speed, +6 in Def/SpDef in the second battle. After that, it will vanish

–Altering Cave (after Delta Episode)–

1. Bring the Soul Dew to Eternal Flower Floette
2. After leaving, Lance will call you. Go to Cove Lily Motel to speak to him
3. Go to Altering Cave at Route 103

–Alternate Dimension (after Altering Cave Episode)–

1. Go to Cove Lily Motel and talk to Cynthia
2. Mr. Stone will call you, go to Mr. Briney at his Route 104 home
3. On S.S. Tidal, talk to Lille, then go downstairs. There is a particular spot (straight down)
4. After S.S. Tidal, talk to Cynthia again
5. Bring a Cosmog, Solgaleo, or Lunala to the Cave of Origin. If you do not have one in the party, Necrozma will continuously regenerate
6. Navigate the messed-up place. The walkable area and teleportation triggers are provided in the maps folder/. In general, try to walk toward Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf
–Alternate ending: Have Diancie with Diancite in your party before battling Zinnia
To re-enter after exiting: go to Cave of Origin (the center-bottom place where Wallace usually stands) with Cosmog/Solgaleo/Lunala as lead Pokemon


–Stat trainers–

-Cheryl is in Petalburg Woods, bring her to the north exit
-Riley and Mira are in Granite Cave B2F, bring one to the other
-Buck is in Fiery Path after Team Magma leaves Mt Chimney. To complete his quest, find the three hidden Nuggets and then go to the dead end
-Marley is on the Abandoned Ship. To complete her quest, find the Storage Key and read the log in the Storage Room bag
After each trainer’s quest is done, they will appear at Cove Lily Motel 2F and will give you berries and EV-training battles. Post-game, they can be battled


Bring Walda’s dad dolls. The doll to bring her can be found by talking to an NPC in Dewford Town Hall
After that, give Walda a Pokemon
Keldeo will be unlocked as a post-game encounter in Route 114

–Tabitha (Post-game, Buck’s quest completed)–

Go to Fiery Path’s dead end and encounter the Magma Grunt there
Go to the Magma Hideout’s end, battle Tabitha
Unlocks Victini (talk to it)

–Shelly (Post-game, Marley’s quest completed)–

Go to Abandoned Ship and dive underwater
Unlocks Mirage Island and Manaphy


Go up Mt Pyre’s interior floors
After Mt Pyre’s interior’s completion, Spiritomb can be found as a post-game encounter at Mt Pyre 5F
To go back to EFF, the hole can be walked into post-game (required to cleanse the Soul Dew)


Talk to Reimi in Slateport City to get Arnold
Talk to NPCs in Lilycove City; if Arnold is in the party, you’ll get an alert; if Arnold has evolved, the quest will proceed
Talk to Reimi again to obtain the Stone Plate and unlock Terrakion

–To be able to battle Steven–

Return Diancie to him after the Alternate Dimension

Hope this helps, and thanks for playing 🙂

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