Pokemon Yuval

Pokemon Yuval GBA

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  • Creator: Ishrak’s Poketips
  • Version: Alpha
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: January 27, 2021

Pokemon Yuval is a new fire red hack with a new story, region, mega evolution, generation 7 pokemon, and a lot more to discover.

  • The name of the Region will be Macva Region. And this region has five parts. The central area will be known as Central Macva and the capital city of Macva Region is going to be Centora City[Suggested from YT]Centora City and its areas are the greeny area with lots and lots of trees. And the most greeny part of the central Macva is Macva RainForest
  • Eastern Macva has a desert site. The player will face many ground, rock, or other types of Pokemon in the eastern Macva
  • Southern Macva is full of water areas. That means a lot of water Pokemon there
  • Western Macva has icy areas. And ice means huge fun everywhere. 
  • And the Northern Macva has volcano mountains. Means fire, dark, rock, and other types are living there. 
  • And as i promised, the main story will be based on Mega Evolution. 
  • There will be many new Mega adventures of this new Region and because Centora City is the Capital city, The final Macva Pokemon League is going to be held there. Suggest me anything you want me to add on my discord server.

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  • Hidden Grottos
  • New evil corporation (Team Haze)
  • BW repel system
  • Gen V musics
  • Shiny Starter 
  • EXP all
  • Sideway Stairs
  • Mega Evolution
  • Postgame
  • Pokemon from Gen1-7
  • New Region
  • BW tilesets
  • Gen4 Sprites
  • ……more to add……


1. Mapping – till Narra Town
2. Events – Till Garnet City
3. Townmap – added
4. Mega Evolutions – for only a few for now
5. Fairy type and some other Advanced Generation Features has been added 




1. Kakarot, Gohan’s Tips – for guiding and beta testing
2. PCL.G – Town Maps, Sprites, Mega Evolution, all helps and source
3. PizzaSun, PokeDroid, Mr. Briney, Zandre1752 – For Sprites
4. Miscellaneous, Phyromatical and few others for Tilesets
6. LukeeGD – for genV music patch
7. MrDollStreak, Think0028, – for patches
8. My all beta testers, discord members and subscribers for their support
9. Pokecommunity members