Pokemon Crystal Advance Redux

Pokemon Crystal Advance Redux GBA

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Crystal Advance Redux GBA Rom

  • Creator: Arnie
  • Version: July 5, 2023 Version
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: July 5, 2023

Pokemon Crystal Advance Redux is a continuation/alternate version of Pokemon Crystal Advance. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on July 5, 2023.

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  • New abilities and attacks
  • Moveset updated to 4th gen
  • New type icons, Pokemon icons
  • B&W style Pokemon sprites
  • Seasons
  • Fairy Type
  • Reusable TMs
  • Poison survival
  • Nature Colors
  • 2nd gen Pokeballs
  • Battle Tower & Bug-Catching Contest
  • Daily Trade at Goldenrod Casino


July 5, 2023

  • Fixed a couple of issues with palettes and a couple of spelling errors I made in a recently edited script
  • Replaced the broken Dragon Tail with Breaking Swipe, not least because both moves are 60 power physical Dragon type moves, but also out of sheer laziness because I don’t even have to edit the animation used. Win-Win for everyone!
  • Decapped Whirlpool script
  • Decapped a bunch of text relating to the Moxie ability
  • Replaced Dodrio with Rhydon in-game Trade
  • Replaced Rawst Berry Tree with Leppa Berry Tree on Route 26.
  • Decapped some more of the internal menus
  • Remedied the multiplier spelling issue with apricorn trees

July 4, 2023

  • Fixed destiny knot sprite

June 19, 2023

  • Updated Whitney team to include “Drain Kiss” within the movesets.
  • TM45 Attract is now Drain Kiss
  • Dialogue Text has been changed to reflect this
  • Earthquake is now in Victory Road where it should be
  • Double Team is now given out by Blue (at least until I find another better TM to distribute there)




Arnie, Kertra